3 Problems to Watch for in Your Yard after Irma's Visit

The winds and rain of Hurricane Irma have passed and left a path of destruction in their wake. Although many are worried about much larger problems due to Irma's visit, here are 3 problems to watch out for in your landscape:

1. Widowmakers - For tree arborists, a 'widowmaker' is a detached or broken limb that is caught in the top of a tree awaiting for an opportunity to fall. These are dangerous for obvious reasons and need to be addressed quickly. Our licensed and insured arborist team can safely remove these from your trees before they damage anything. We can also remove any trees that you were worried about but couldn't get removed before the storm hit, because now it looks like Jose is coming to nearby as well. 

2. Lawn Fungus - After a storm like Irma drops as much rain as she did in Gainesville, it's common to find lawns struggling with fungus from all of the excess moisture. Make sure to verify that your rain sensor is protecting your sprinkler system and keeping it from over-watering. Our lawn health program can treat the brown spots if they pop up in your lawn. 

 3. Drainage Problems - Did certain areas of your lawn hold water or drain slowly during the storm? If water threatened to flood your home in any way, take a look at your drainage system around your home. Where do your gutter downspouts direct water to? Did the french drain get clogged up? or do you need to add a new drainage solution to your yard? We are here to help if you need us!

Of course, there are many other things that extreme amounts of rain and storms bring in the fall - like Sod webworm damage to lawns, lightning damage to landscape lighting, lightning damage to irrigation systems, etc. If we can be of help for any of these items, please feel free to call or text our office at (352) 378-5296