Waterfall in landscape

3 Ways to Add Sound to Your Landscape

For many of us, our outdoor living space is a safe haven. Surrounding ourselves with beautiful plants and scenery can also be a wonderful place to relax or entertain outdoors.

The perfect outdoor living space needs more than just beautiful sights and smells, though. Another essential element in the backyard is sound. By adding a third sense to your outdoor living space, it makes your Gainesville yard even more relaxing and inviting.

Here are 3 simple ways for you to bring outdoor audio elements to your garden:

1. Add a water feature:
Fountains can introduce a calming background murmur that fills the space around you and neutralizes street noise. In a more expansive landscape, a large fountain can serve as a splashy focal point that anchors an area of the landscape commanding attention both visually and aurally. Since they are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, you can always find a place for a backyard fountain in your landscape design.

Whether it's a pondless waterfall, a continually overflowing vase, or a koi pond; the right water feature can really be a beautiful addition to any North Florida lawn.

If your concern is mosquitos, we have solutions to ensure your water feature is protected from drawing those pesky lawn pests.

2. Add an outdoor audio system:
When you invest in an outdoor audio system, you’ll find plenty of new opportunities for enjoying your backyard. For example, take your workout to the pool and swim laps while you blast an energizing playlist through your outdoor speakers.

Pair your speaker system with an outdoor TV and host a karaoke night or watch movies under the stars. Even without a TV, you can stream the audio of the Gator game outdoors so you can grill without missing a play. Music also makes yard work more fun and brightens up a workday on the porch. There’s so much you can do with your outdoor patio speakers!

There are a wide range of options available. Waterproof speakers can be placed in the ground or mounted on walls, and can run off your outdoor lighting system wiring too.

3. Make your yard inviting to wildlife:
Enticing birds to stay is surprisingly easy and hassle-free. A few simple items can give your feathered friends a year-round home.

To encourage birds to visit your landscape, provide them with these three essential elements: quality food, fresh water, and safe cover from predators and the elements.

Set up a few bird feeders to provide food. Be sure that you opt for the types of bird feed which are best for your local wildlife! Some birds will also happily eat garden pests.

Plants You Can Grow to Attract Birds:
Chickasaw Plum
Coral Honeysuckle
Passion Flower
Sabal Palm
Scarlet Salvia
Simpson’s Stopper
Walter's Viburnum and Other Viburnum Species
Wax Myrtle
Wild Coffee

The most fool-proof menu you can offer migratory and native birds are Florida’s native plants and the insects that feed on them. These food sources provide the right nutrients at the right time, supporting birds through all seasons of the year and all parts of their lifecycle.

Creating a soundscape in your backyard can enliven it. In fact, it’s almost as important as a visually-appealing landscape!

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