4 Quick Tips on Storm Preparedness for your Gainesville Yard

As all eyes are turned towards Hurricane Dorian, a powerful storm already wreaking havoc in the Caribbean and threatening our state, we pray that family and friends already affected are safe. As we look towards the future and try to predict the storm's path we can take some steps today to help protect ourselves from damage. Here are 4 things you can do today to help protect your home and property.

Storm-ready your Irrigation System – This is an often overlooked item in storm preparations. Many clients find out too late that their irrigation system is one of the most likely places to be affected by lightning. If you have a pump that services the irrigation system, we recommend that you unplug it as well as unplugging your controller. One of the most common calls that we get after a storm is an irrigation timer that is no longer functioning after being struck by lightning. Unplug your timer during the storm to prevent this from happening.

Pay Attention to trees – At this point it may be too late to undertake major tree removal projects, but there is plenty that you can do still without a Professional Gainesville Tree Company. Remove any dead limbs that are within reach and any growth close to windows or your roof. You may not be able to reach an arborist in time for this storm, but if you have a chainsaw or even a hand saw, you may be able to remove and dispose of some lower tree limbs yourself. For those larger tree projects make sure to reach out and schedule a time to meet with one of our estimators for these projects in the near future as the storm season is still very young. 

Clean out gutters – In order to divert water away from your home your gutters need to be clean and clear of debris. Using a blower or small shovel to clean out leaves and debris and flushing out your downspouts with a hose will help to ensure that water flows freely. This is also a good time to check your drainage system if you have one installed. Clean out any catch basins and make sure French drains are cleared of debris. We may not catch the brunt of this storm as it seems to be heading south, but certainly we will get a lot of rainwater and potential flooding.

Decorative Items and Planters – Winds and rain can displace and damage decorative items and planters in your yard. To keep them safe and keep those from being blown over or damaging other structures bring them indoors to a garage or shed. This applies to other loose items like patio furniture, or smaller toddler playhouses. Trampolines are another common hazard that should be secured or moved to safety as they can easily become airborne with strong wind gusts.

We will continue to monitor this storm closely and ask that you take all needed precautions in your Gainesville yard to keep your home and neighbors safe. Our team will be ready to assist with any cleanup and tree removal needs you may have, but remember that it's always better to err on the side of caution and be over-prepared.

If we can be of service after the storm passes, please call or text our office at (352) 378-5296 or e-mail info@themasterslawncare.com. Thanks and stay safe!