Outdoor living hardscape patio and fire pit

5 Design Trends in Outdoor Living

This year's outdoor living trends are all about making your lawn, backyard, or porch, a regular part of everyday life. Building on last year's momentum, homeowners began to bring indoor conveniences outdoors with smart technology, multipurpose add-ons, and structures that allow us to be outside longer and more often throughout the year. Whether it's a spot to grow herbs for homemade meals, a private patio, or a place to do the cooking, the popularity of outdoor living spaces will continue to grow in 2023.

Below you’ll find 5 popular outdoor living trends focusing on creating simple and elegant spaces to live, relax, and entertain outdoors.

1. Pool Remodels with Pavers and Coping
You can choose from so many colors, patterns, and textures, you can give your pool deck a look you really want. Homeowners can show off their pool deck designs year-round, not just during pool time. Pool decks are an excellent way to extend a home for outdoor entertainment. By simply adding tables and chairs, homeowners transform their pool deck into a patio-like area.
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2. Propane or Natural Gas Fire Pits:
Fire is a natural design choice for outdoor entertaining and family enjoyment. It creates a warm, cozy atmosphere, enticing friends and family to stay and hang out, especially on chilly nights. Gas fire pits offer a contemporary look and appeal to homeowners who prefer the ease of gas. They are always ready to light with a push of a button, no wood or ash to worry about and no smoke.
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3. Patio Remodels with Pavers:
Exterior design is seeing a trend to create patios with multiple rooms to provide ample space for entertaining guests, and act as backyard getaways. Paver patios are a high-quality, customizable outdoor patio option that offers homeowners a luxurious patio setup with minimal maintenance requirements. The entertainment options are endless with a paver patio. Hosting parties on it is sure to create lasting memories for friends and family.

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4. Raised garden beds:
Millions of people started growing their own vegetables, fruits, and herbs in 2020, and that trend will definitely continue.  Homeowners invested in a variety of container gardens, raised garden beds and potted herb gardens, embracing the therapeutic side of growing their own food while eliminating trips to the grocery store.  Not only do raised beds provide benefits like ample garden space, they also offer versatility for those with a larger area to fill. Raised beds help for easy access gardening right on your back patio!

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5. Artificial Turf:
When you are working with a small space that needs to serve multiple purposes, you need that space to be usable as much as possible and to be easy to maintain and keep clean. This is why so many homeowners with small backyards are choosing artificial turf installation. Synthetic turf is easy to clean, requires little maintenance, does not require storing large equipment like lawnmowers, and can be used right after a rainstorm with no worries about tracking in mud or slipping on wet blades of grass. Artificial Turf is versatile to fit any sort of purpose or need, whether that may be landscape, playground or pet turf. All products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly by reducing the need for pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation, and mowing, making it the perfect choice to install.

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If you’re dreaming of transforming your outdoor living space for entertaining a crowd or just relaxing with a good book, we hope these design trends will help you get an idea of what your space can do for you.

If you want help with transforming outdoor living space using these design trends this year, please call (352) 378-LAWN or fill out our online form so we can schedule a meeting to discuss how we can help! We look forward to working with you!