5 Gainesvillle Landscape Tips for Fall

5 Quick Tips for Gainesville Lawn Success in Fall

Although Gainesville landscapes have a very short fall season that transitions from Summer to Winter, we do still have a few areas we can focus our attention on in late October and early November to keep our Gainesville landscape growing more appealing..

Tip #1 : Fall is the best time of year to install new plants, trees, and sod in your landscape (even better than spring!)

Many people think Spring is the season to re-landscape, but that is typically a northern habit where the spring is best due to their harsh winters. Our winters are very mild, and our extreme season is the heat and humidity summer, and fall planting gives them 3 full seasons to prepare for it.

You will want to get the plants rooted in before the next harsh Florida summer. The climate in Florida allows its gardeners to enjoy blooms all year long. Planting in the fall will give them enough time to establish throughout fall, winter, and spring before the triple-digit temperatures begin. Fall is suitable to lay sod in Florida as it brings cooler temperatures which will not affect the growth of the roots. Cooler temperatures lessen the maintenance requirement as the sod won’t need as frequent of irrigation. 

Tip #2: Kill your weeds before they start with a Pre-Emergent weed application 

Applying a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent winter weeds is one of the best things you can do for your lawn during this time. Fall pre-emergent applications are designed to prevent winter annual weeds from germinating, and these weeds germinate soon as the weather begins to shift. Timing is very important to successfully prevent winter annual weeds from taking over your lawn. If you start to see weeds growing, a pre-emergent will not work. At that point, you must switch to a reactive weed control plan by using a post-emergent weed control product. 

If you are not comfortable applying liquid products in your lawn, feel free to call our office to get on the schedule. 

Tip #3: Reduce your irrigation zone run times to reduce overwatering

Hopefully, your sprinkler system has only been running minimally this summer due to having a Smart Controller or Weather Sensor adjusting for all of the rain, but you probably still have some longer watering times from hot and dry spells that can pop up in spring and summer.  These station run time (or zone run times) can now be reduced as the temperatures drop.

Healthy established Florida lawns require no more than two days per week of water this time of year, and it will go down to once per week as we enter into November. The shorter days and cooler evenings mean less evaporation, and lower water bills as well. 

While adjusting those irrigation settings, it is also best to water later in the morning during cooler temperatures. As we shift into winter and freezing temperatures can creep in, you do not want to take a chance on your system running during a frost. This is another reason we highly recommend smart controllers to keep this from happening.

Tip #4: Get leaves off the lawn as quick as possible

If you have leaf-dropping (deciduous) trees that drop in autumn, your lawn will be smothered in a layer of Sycamore, Elm, Sweetgum, or Maple leaves. The layer of leaves will form a barrier that block sunlight, water, nutrients, and a healthy air flow from getting down to the root system of your grass. Most importantly of those isthe sunlight that provides Vitamin D which lawns need in the fall as it stores up food for winter. Keeping leaves off your lawn is an essential part of proper Fall lawn care and maintenance.

Tip #5: Pressure Clean to prepare for holiday guests

With the holidays fast approaching, look around your house at what could be power washed before your guests arrive. This year, you may even have guests that prefer to keep most of the gathering outdoors for safety precautions. This is the time when you may want to consider, "Do I want my family and friends to see it looking this way?"

Simple and quick walkway, driveway, and paver patio pressure washing are great ways to add curb appeal to your property after a hot and humid summer.  Whatever your home needs this fall, don't let it wait to the week before thanksgiving like I may have done more than a few times before!

If we can be of help with any of your fall landscaping chores in Gainesville, or the Surrounding areas - please don't hesitate to reach out to us at (352) 378-LAWN or filling out our form at the top of the page!