5 Reasons Why Mulching is Vital to Curb Appeal

Mulch adds beauty, depth, and dimension to any landscape. Rather than leaving soil exposed and bare, try adding mulch to create a beautiful touch to your landscape and spruce up your yard. Mulching adds vibrant colors and manicured look to your garden or softscape bed; thus, adding to its curb appeal. It gives your lawn a finished and refined look by occupying the empty spaces, which also helps in making the maintenance an easier job.
Here are 5 reasons why mulching is vital to curb appeal...

  1. Clear definition between grass and garden beds:
    This is the fundamental piece to curb appeal. Mulch gives beds a uniform, well-maintained look, and adds definition between the turf and beds. By adding definition to your garden beds you will make your property more visually appealing. Edging creates clean, crisp lines between beds and other areas, which gives your lawn character and depth. Think of mulch as your canvas where your plants can be the art.
  2. Reduces weed germination:
    Mulching flower beds will help to control weeds, 2-3″ is suggested depth, recommended by most gardeners/landscapers. The main goal for this depth of mulch is to prevent the sun from reaching the emerging weeds, this depth will control the growth of those that are just beginning and those that are waiting to break out!
  3. Reduces watering needs:
    Mulch helps by holding moisture around the base of plants.(wood is porous and acts like a sponge) Newly installed plants, are at risk of their roots being affected by the dry soil and will require more watering, if there is no protection around their roots. Mulching newly planted beds helps to prevent this, protecting the roots from drying out. Dry soil = drying out the roots = stunted growth or dead plants.
  4. Insulates roots from extreme heat and cold:
    Mulch serves as an insulating blanket that helps keep soil warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which will prevent the premature death of your perennial plants. Mulch is especially supportive to plants that have shallow root systems, such as Rhodies & Azaleas, during the coldest parts of winter.
  5. Feeds beneficial nutrients into the soil:
    Mulch breaks down over time and feeds beneficial nutrients into the soil, similar to a composting effect. Depending on what type of mulch is selected, will determine the future health of your beds.  As wood bark mulch decomposes, if there are dyes in it, those dyes will seep into the soil.  The most sustainable wood bark mulches would be dye-free and will add organic matter back to the soil.

After reviewing these reasons for mulch, we hope you see that mulch adds more than just an aesthetic value to flower gardens, it will give your landscaping a healthy, low-maintenance fresh look.

The Master’s Lawn Care can install a variety of mulch from Pine Bark to Cypress, Decorative to Dyed, and Pine Straw as well. We have the ability to install for individual homeowners as well as large commercial properties and even homeowner’s associations as well.

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