5 Steps in Testing Sprinkler System for Spring

Now is the time when Florida starts to get warm and dry. It’s a good idea to get a head start on gearing up your irrigation system to set you and your landscape and lawn up for success before the season fully kicks into gear. Here are 5 easy steps to get you started!

  1. Run the system manually by pressing Manual Start button and walk your property while each zone runs. Here is a short tutorial by Chuck on the fundamentals of 4 different brands of irrigation controllers. 
  2. Check heads to be sure they aren't wasting too much water on paved surfaces and that plants are getting proper coverage. Remember that some overspray on surfaces will happen, but you want to minimize it.
  3. Look for dry spots. Spring is when areas of the lawn with low water will struggle. Especially the hottest areas like where spots get full or afternoon sun (the hottest part of the day). Make sure these are adjusted well and have the proper amount of run time for that zone.
  4. Increase zone run times from winter settings and set controllers to start earlier in the morning if they aren't already. Two days a week is the rule for Alachua County.
  5. Test your rain sensor shut off by pushing the sensor down to verify it shuts off the system If not, get it replaced because this little part of your system can save a lot on your GRU bill. If it doesn't work, consider upgrading to a smart controller to save even more on your water bill. Watch your lawn closely till June. This is when the most lawn growth occurs with proper irrigation and fertilization. If grass blades start folding in half or leaves of plants start drooping, this signifies drought stress. Add water quickly and increase run times or days to water. 

We hope this blog has been helpful for testing your sprinkler system. If all this seems too much to worry about, give us a call at 352-378-5296 or email info@themasterslawncare.com, we offer biannual (spring and fall) irrigation tests and we would love to help out!