April's Lawn Pest of the Month: Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf weesds in Gainesville lawns are not only a nuisance, but they actuyally make it more difficult for your grass recovering from winter frost damage to fill back in and recover. Weed control applications with pre-emergent and post-emergent products are a must for Gainesville lawns looking to recover from a tough winter. Proper identification of weeds is a must for targeted control with so many different herbicides on the market. 

It’s a never-ending battle. No matter how hard you try, weeds want to take over your treasured lawn. Using the University of Florida's IFAS website to help you identify types of broadleaf weed and which products control it best is a suitbale method, and if you prefer the DIY method, here are some more tips to hel you in your battle against Gainesville lawn weeds.

3 Tips to Broaleaf Weed Control in Gainesville Lawns

  1. Promote a healthy root system - Healthy plants with strong roots naturally fight weeds by absorbing the water and nutrients your plants need to flourish and starving the weeds of those nutrients. Potassium lawn applications in the fall help your turf's root strengthen throughout the winter. 
  2. Prevent winter weed growth - The cooler months are an ideal time for winter weed growth because your lawn goes into a dormant state. You can prevent this winter weed growth by applying pre-emergent treatments in the fall, before the cooler temperatures arrive.
  3. Ensure proper lawn watering - Improper use of your irrigation system can cause a variety of issues, including broadleaf-weed growth. Plants like dollarweed thrive in over-watered lawns.

Your landscape creates a powerful first impression. At The Master's Lawn Care, our customized Gainesville lawn health program is much more than just lawn spraying. It targets common lawn problems that negatively impact the health and appearance of your turf. If you're tired of fighting the battle for weed control in Gainesville lawns, call our office for a free lawn evaluation today at (352) 378-5296.