Are Fire Ants Ruining Your Gainesville Lawn?

Your home can be considered your castle, and your lawn is a major part of that kingdom. But when your Gainesville landscape is covered with pests like fire ants, it sure doesn’t feel that way. Instead of enjoying a blissful stroll through your front and back lawn, you may feel like you are walking through a minefield. Fire ants will attack your feet, ankles and legs in no time at all with one simple misstep. Their bites sting, and can often cause severe reactions—especially for those who are allergic. Even for those not allergic though, they certainly cause pain, frustration, and small infectious sores.

There are a few reasons why ants can be such a nuisance to the lawn. For one, they aren’t always easy to notice. One minute you are pulling the hose across the lawn to water the plants, and the next minute you are desperately trying to hose the pests off of your legs. When they attack, they attack in large numbers—and once they settle in they multiply quickly.

Of course, there is another thing you need to consider when ants take over your lawn, more than just your personal comfort. You always have to worry about your family and pets. A child  getting into a fire ant bed in your lawn is obviously dangerous, but having a pet attacked by fire ants is a major problem too,  because they're unable to communicate what's wrong - and many tiems their fur blocks your from being able to recognize the problem. 

There are several ways that you can rid your lawn of fire ants. The best way is to contact a professional. It is never safe to bring pesticides onto your property when you aren’t sure what you are dealing with. A professional lawn pest control expert can ensure that you are using the right products to treat the pests that are present, in a way that won’t harm your grass, your pets or your children.

How do many homeowners in Gainesville fight fire ants? They spread bait around the mounds from the local home improvement store. It works for a week or two, but then 1 or 2 mounds will pop up  about 10-15 feet away. Why? Because they didn't treat the entire problem - just one of the symptoms. The one mound of fire ants isn't the problem. The problem is fire ants being in your Gainesville landscape at all. 

Controlling fire ants in your lawn can be very difficult and may only last for a short time as the ants tend to reinvade in a few weeks. By contacting a professional, such as our team of experts at The Master's Lawn Care, we can not only rid your lawn of fire ants for a couple weeks - but we guarantee to keep your lawn fire ant-free for ONE WHOLE YEAR. That's only one treatment, too.  That's our guarantee. If we treat your lawn for fire ants once, you have 365 days of protection or we'll come back out and treat again - at no charge. 

The Master's Lawn Care provides full service lawn fertilization and pest control including Fire Ant elimination.  Fire Ants are a common problem in Florida lawns. If you have ant mounds in your lawn, contact the Gainesville Lawn Experts.  Ask about our Lawn care with fire ant elimination bundle, too! Our techs are waiting to meet with you. Call (352) 378-5296 or fill out our online form by clicking here!