Direction, Not Intentions, Determines Your Destination

How many times do we end up in a different area of life than where we intended to go? I know I do all the time. In my health, my relationship with my family, my business, my finances - so many areas that I intend to move one way, but I drift off the path and end up elsewhere entirely.

This quote Andy Stanley used really summed it up perfectly. "Your direction, not your intention, determines your destination." Regardless of my intentions, I have to choose the proper direction, action, or next steps to land at the destination I want. So simple, yet so true.

I intend to have an amazing marriage, but I am so impatient sometimes. I intend to be healthy, but that pizza sure does sound tasty. I intend to save money, but that new mountain bike sure looks nice. On and on it goes. Actions, what you actually do, day in and day out, is what is really going to take you where you want to go.