Gainesville Landscape Flower of the Month: Delta Fire Pansy

The Pansy Delta Fire features 2.5 to 3 inch blooms coming in Red, Scarlet & Yellow with Mahogany Red accents on compact 4 to 6 inch plants that keep the blooms from flopping over. All Pansies can take the cold, but the Delta series can take more heat than almost any other (Matrix is great for warm days too), which come regualry in Gainesville landscape as we bounce back and forth from cold to warm this time of year.

The Delta Fire is definitely something different and we love to see it in a bunch of pots or small beds.

It is best planted when soil temps are between 45-70 degrees and in a raised bed for good drainage.  Pansy's planted when soil temps are below 45 will be stunted exhibiting little growth or flowering.  Plant 6 to 10 inches apart in full or part sun.  Water thoroughly for the first time 5 days after planting and then it is best that they receive a thorough watering once or twice a week and feed once every two weeks.  Regular dead heading of faded blooms can extend & increase blooming.  Surrounding, with approx 2 inches of mulch will help conserve water and protect against the cold.  The Delta Series exhibits great heat tolerance though all pansy's will begin to decline as the days heat up.  Be careful if you live in the Millhopper Road area of town though, because deer love pansy's!

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