Gainesville Landscape Plant of the Month: Sunpatiens

Sunpatiens are a hybrid breed of the ever-famous shade-tolerant Impatiens, that are so popular in Gainesville landscaping. The blend is a careful combination of wild “traditional” impatiens with the larger, sun-loving Impatiens hawkeri, native to New Guinea. The result is a variety of impatiens that thrives in full sun and hot, humid weather and blooms that last from spring to autumn. It’s an excellent container and bedding flower for long lasting color to brighten your Gainesville, Florida yard.

Growing sunpatiens is very easy and low maintenance in florida lawns. The plants prefer well-draining soil that’s rich in organic material. They grow very well in both containers and garden beds, and they like sun or partial shade. I have found our Florida summers' heat may be too much without a little afternoon shade though, so avoid 12-14 hours of sunlight. For the first week or two after planting, they should be watered every day to get them established. After that, they need only moderate watering and can usually be revived from wilting with a good dose of water. Sunpatiens companion plants are any colorful flowering plants that also enjoy full sun. When growing sunpatiens plants, especially if grouping with other plant varieties, it’s important to know how much space you are looking to fill in.

Sunpatiens plants come in two size categories: compact and vigorous. Compact plants are perfect for containers. Compact plants stay small while the vigorous ones fill out a hanging basket or pot spectacularly. Vigorous plants are best for garden beds, as they grow fast and fill out a space with bright color quickly and effectively.

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