Gainesville Lawn Plant of the Month: Viola

Winter violas look dainty and delicate but they are tough enough to survive hard frosts and can flower all through winter. The small flowers of winter violas come in many color combinations and patterns and should produce more flowers than the larger-flowered winter pansies.

How cold hardy are violas?
Violas are very cold-tolerant plants. Grown outdoors and acclimated, they will easily handle temperatures down to the mid 20s and will continue blooming. If the temperature drops any lower, the existing flower buds are usually damaged, but the plants live on.

Best planting practices for violas in Florida?
Because they're compact plants, violas are ideal for borders, containers, and window boxes.  Plant yours in a well-drained, rich soil where they'll receive plenty of sun, and irrigate them only as needed.

Are viola flowers annuals or perennials?
Violas are perennial, but in North Florida lawns, they die out in the heat of summer. In Gainesville, we use them for our client's seasonal color beds as annuals and replace them every year. They provide some amazing and eye-catching color for commercial landscaping at entryways and under signs. For residential lawns, we use them around mailboxes or in planters with Pansies and Petunias.

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