The Health of Your Gainesville Lawn is About Much More than Fertilization

 Great For Fertility, Bugs and Weeds


Advertisements do not tell you what a service or product won't do - on purpose - they do not want to discourage you from buying their product or service. Every service or product has strong points and limitations. Lawn spraying has some great strong points - fertility, insects and weeds. Lawn spraying has definite limitations - there are problems with St Augustine turf grass lawn that lawn spraying just will not fix. When a homeowner with a persistent problem - like poor irrigation - hires a Gainesville lawn spray company to spray away irrigation problems - they will be disappointed! So I always tell potential customers what lawn spraying cannot do - lawn spraying cannot fix irrigation, raise the mower height, eradicate weeds or bugs and watch over the lawn like a superintendent.
Spray Away Irrigation Problems - Not Going to Happen

The number one determining factor for the success or failure of your lawn is Gainesville Irrigation. Broken heads, poorBroken Sprinklercoverage or just plain being stingy with water will stress your St Augustine turf grass lawn. And stressed turf is not healthy turf. A St Augustine turf grass lawn that is poorly watered will be always be a poor lawn. And no amount of lawn spraying will fix poor irrigation.

A good Gainesville lawn spraying service will recognize poor irrigation and recommend a course of action to fix and repair the system. I always tell new customers - even to the point of losing the customer - that if the irrigation system is poorly maintained, there is little that lawn spraying can do for their lawn. And, I am quick to point out to a potential customer that their well-watered lawn will quickly recover and benefit from lawn spraying.

Best Advice: Either hire a Gainesville sprinkler system professional or learn how to keep your irrigations system at its best.

Lawn Spraying Is Not Sun Block

A St Augustine turf grass lawn must be mowed at 3" or higher to thrive and be a healthy lawn. St Augustine turf grass has above ground stems - it lives on top of the soil. Low mowing exposes the stems to the harsh Florida sun causing the stems to stress and die. High mowing produces a thickSt Augustine Turf Grass Lawn With Tall Canopycanopy above the stems absorbing the sunlight to produce food (photosynthesis) and protect the stems from the harsh Florida sun (sun block).

No amount of lawn spraying can protect exposed stems from the harsh Florida sun. The only way to protect the stems from the harsh Florida sun is to raise the mower. I am quick to point out to a potential customer the difference between two lawns is mower height. Standing in the weak thin lawn of the potential customer, I'll point out my shoes are fully exposed. Then standing in the lush green lawn across the street, I'll show them that only the top of my shoes are exposed in the deep thick canopy.

Best Advice: Raise the Mower as high as it will go or get your Gainesville lawn maintenance company to mow at 3.5" or higher.

Pest Control Not Pest Eradication

Bugs do what bugs do best - they crawl and fly around. And weeds do what they do best - perpetuate the species by germinating and producing seeds. You cannot defeat either - the forces of nature will Out of Control Dollarweednot be stopped. Every lawn has bugs. Every lawn has weeds. No amount of lawn spraying will stop nature from continuing this cycle of life.

What lawn spraying will do is reduce the bugs to levels that will not damage or kill your lawn and reduce weeds for best appearance. I am quick point this out to a potential customer. If a customer thinks that lawn spraying will prevent every bug and every weed from showing up in their lawn, they won't be a customer long.

Best Advice: Relax! Weeds don't kill lawns. Not every bug is lethal. It is the outdoors and not everything can be controlled.

Lawn Spraying is not a Watchful Eye on Your Lawn

Every day is a new day to your St Augustine turf grass lawn. Lawn spraying happens every 56 days. There is no way a lawn spraying company can be a watchful eye over your precious lawn. OftenKeeping a Watchful Eye over Your Lawn - Once every 2 Monthshomeowners - especially absentee owners - hire a Gainesville lawn treatment company to be exactly that - the watchful eye or superintendent of the lawn. They expect the lawn spraying company to fix everything that could go wrong with a lawn by showing up every two months. But it doesn't work. A lawn can die from a broken irrigation system in less than a week.

The best watchful eye over your lawn is the person who is there the most - the owner, the maintenance company or a neighbor. The lawn spray company can keep the lawn safe from bugs, but there are many other forces that can destroy a lawn in just a few weeks. I listen for the telltale signs of a customer wanting a superintendent: "Can you take care of my lawn" or "I need to someone to make sure my lawn looks good year round". When I hear this, I try to convince them that not only do we need a lawn fertilization company, but our landscape maintenance services as well so that we can keep a watchful eye out for potential problems every week during mowing; rather than every 6-8 weeks when the lawn is getting treated. 

Best Advice: The person who sees the lawn most often has the best chance to see and solve problems before the lawn is destroyed.

What TMLC Lawn Spraying Does

Lawn spraying has limitations. I recognize that and try to educate my customers not only on what we do, but what we can't do. TMLC Lawn spraying keeps the fertility high, kills the bugs during the warm season months and we work on weeds every application. Our philosophy is to encourage St Augustine turf grass and discourage everything else from a prevenative approach, rather than remedial (waiting till after the problem occurs.) From that - fertility, insect and weed control, your lawn will reach its highest potential - limited only by your irrigation system and mowing height.