How do I control green "sandspurs" in my lawn?

The most common mistake made in weed identification for summer and fals weeds is mistaking globe sedge and other nutsedges as sandspurs. If they are green and soft on the stem (as show in the video), it is almost always a sedge such as globe sedge, nutsedge, or kyllinga.

Weed control in Gainesville lawns always starts first with proper identification, because that is how you choose the approach. To control sedge, you reduce irrigation and use a product like sedgehammer. If you have actual sandspurs in your lawn, you would increase watering and use a non-selective herbicide with a strong pre-emergent. 

Sandspurs are typically found in dry arid areas (hence the term sand) such as cow pastures, sides of the roadway, or non-irrigated turf. True sandspurs are brown and are rarely ever soft enough to pinch between your fingers.We will do a later video on controlling actual sandspurs - but controlling sedge is all about proper 

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