Frost Damage Lawn/Leopard Print

January’s Lawn Pest of the Month: Frost Damage / Leopard Print

During the cool season here in Florida you will find frost damage to your lawn that almost looks like leopard print. Frost damage can happen without freezing temperatures. The National Weather Service measures the air temperature about 6 feet above ground level however, the ground-level temperature might be even lower.

This swirly leopard print pattern is caused by the grass going into a dormant state during the cool season and may also happen as your lawn comes out of hibernation in late winter.

If you notice this pattern in your winter lawn, don’t fret, it can be fixed. Your grass will steadily green-up moving into the spring with the longer days and warmer temperatures. Allow your lawn to recover and continue mowing at the optional mowing height for your particular grass. It may take a few weeks for the pattern to dissipate, once it does, you can mow the grass back down to ⅓ of the blade to avoid scalping the grass.

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