Lawn Project Spotlight: Zoysia Lawn spreads from Plugs to Picture of Perfection

This client called to see what could be done to saver their Alachua lawn. She had planted Zoysia plugs a year ago throughout their huge front yard, but weeds were taking over the plugs and now it was more dirt and weeds than grass. Could anything be done to save it?

Our lawn pest control team took a soil sample, took some photos, and went to the drawing board to put together a program that would work, and here's what it was:

✅ - Fertilization
✅ - Proper Irrigation timing
✅ - Post-Emergent weed control
✅ - Soil Amendments to help boost the soil health
✅ - Pre-Emergent Weed Preventative

Rinse and Repeat every 6-9 weeks

The lawn TOOK OFF LIKE WILDFIRE! The Zoysia plugs had been silently begging for proper fertilization and help fighting off the weeds so they could grow - and grow they did.

Take a look at the before and after photos to know just how big of a lawn health turnaround this was.

The client said "Your team has been so helpful in turning our lawn around! It looks great! Thank you!!"

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