Plant Selection Guide for North Florida Landscapes: 5 Flowering Trees that brighten lawns

By providing shape, color, and shade; flowering landscape trees really stand out in a lawn. Few other plants have the same impact on your curb appeal from spring until autumn, and we regularly use them as specimen trees in our landscape enhancement designs.

Below you will find 5 Flowering Trees that will brighten your Ponte Vedra lawn.

1. Golden Cassia
golden cassia tree

The cassia is a multipurpose tree that serves as a focus point and adds brightness to the North Florida landscape with its vivid yellow blossoms. This tree is undoubtedly the most colorful plant in almost any area when it is in bloom. The Golden Cassia tree undoubtedly invites all bees and butterflies nearby to join the celebration with all of its dazzling blossoms.

2. 'Tuscarora' Crape Myrtle
crape myrtle tree

The typical flower colors of crape myrtles are pink, red, and purple, but we also have white varieties that thrive. The fact that they begin to bloom as summer begins to arrive is something to really appreciate.

When the crape myrtles start to bloom, many  other spring-blooming bushes have finished. On every branch tip, there are dense clusters of blooms.Through the summer, they make a striking visual statement with a lot of color.

Additionally, the leaves will turn a beautiful shade of orange, red, and yellow for the fall, adding a rare North Florida fall appearance to your landscape.

3.'Little Gem' Magnolia
Little Gem Magnolia

The little gem magnolia, which has all the elegance of a southern magnolia in a smaller form, is a well-liked ornamental option for North Central Florida landscapes.

It is frequently used in big containers, as a floral screen or hedge, as a focal point in landscapes, to add evergreen beauty next to decks and patios, and as a prominent specimen. They're large white flowers make a beautiful statement in any garden.

4. Chinese Fringetree
Chinese Fringetree

It is truly a mystery why this tree is not grown more often. It is one of the prettiest flowering trees for the southeastern US including much of Florida. Chinese Fringetree looks best in a sunny spot sheltered from wind. The tree appears more attractive in the deep south when grown with several hours of shade but blooms best in full sun.

5. Purple Leaf Plum Tree
Purple Leaf Plum Tree

With their dark red to purple leaves and plethora of white to light pink spring blossoms, purple-leaf plum trees, also known as cherry plum trees or flowering plum trees, can add appeal to any yard or garden. Medium-sized, deciduous purple-leaf plum trees are largely used as an ornamental tree.

Nothing attracts the attention of the neighbors to your yard like a flowering tree in full bloom. Any of these 5 flowering trees can contribute a spectacular display of color, beauty, and scent. Remember: Not every yard will accommodate every tree. The most crucial factor in ensuring that each tree thrives is understanding its needs, and we are here to help!

If you’re looking to add one of these North Florida Landscape plants into your yard, please fill out the form above or contact us at (352) 378-5296 or (904) 913-LAWN.