Protect Your Irrigation in Winter Time

Along with your other to-do list to prepare for the colder weather, you must take the time to go through the winterization process of your Gainesville irrigation system.

Winterizing your Gainesville sprinkler system is necessary to avoid damage to the backflow preventer and your landscape plants. Winterizing basically involves:

  1. Protecting your Backflow preventer from freeze damage with insulation
  2. Changing the timer settings to protect your lawn and landscape so they do not run at night when it's below 32-degrees (causing freeze burn on the plants)
  3. Lowering the timer settings to run one day per week (Per our watering restrictions during winter)
  4. Checking to verify it is covering efficiently

Failure to protect your backflow could cause the water to freeze and expand during a cold evening which will require a $250-300 repair to replace the backflow.

Protecting your plants involves re-setting the timer to run later in the morning so that it doesn't run on a cold night and freeze-burn your plants. While re-setting the start time, we also recommend you to change the timer settings to one day per week according to the county and city restrictions.