Rusty’s Corner: Is ignorance bliss?

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Some people say ignorance is bliss. Certainly being plugged into every breaking story can have some ill-effects. Regardless of your preferred news source, they are all full of anxiety-inducing and polarizing stories. oil shortages, immigration challenges, inflation, new COVID variants, increasing interest rates, etc.

The news media - yes, even your preferred source - profits from escalating worry. The more panic there is, the more viewers they have. The more viewers they have, the more money they make.

It’s almost to the point of clickbait, except slanted in our own political worldview.

It can be very tempting to write them all off and tune them out. However, being uninformed isn't a good answer to the problem.

How would we know if that bill passed, interest rates are going up, or even that inflation is on the rise? It’s just not realistic to unplug completely.

So what are we left to do if it's unhealthy to be wrapped up in every breaking headline, but also to be oblivious?

The answer is to stay connected, but with intentionality. Do not blindly accept every headline from your news source as fact, even if you want to agree with it. As a matter of fact, the more it reinforces your worldview - the more you should probably ask questions.

Diversify your news sources. Get out of your echo chamber. Ask someone you disagree with - but respect -  why they see the issue that way, and then listen. No, not so you can respond. Listen to learn.

Having your worldview challenged is uncomfortable, but rarely do we see another point of view  on our side of the fence..

It may not change your mind, but it just might humanize the opposing side.

It won’t be easy, but rarely is anything easy worth it.