Rusty's Corner: Choices

I've been thinking about the choices we make, and how they affect us. There are big choices like where to live, where to work, and who to vote for. There are small choices like going out to which restaurant or what movie to see. And then, there are the automatic "non-choices" like whether to exercise, eat desert, or spend time with our family.

In the long run, our lives are comprised of and determined by the choices we make, no matter how small or large. Sure, circumstances and past events influence us. Genetics play a role and perhaps luck is part of it, as well.
But mostly, it is our personal decisions that determine the direction and quality of our lives. So I'm amazed at how little time we spend thinking about how we make the choices that control our lives.
Every single day, we make far more choices than we acknowledge. Most of us allow the majority of our choices to be made out of habit or routine, rather than seizing the moment to actually decide how we want to live.
My suggestion is to forget "seizing the day" (it's too big) and instead focus on "seizing the moment." Moment by moment, decide the kind of person you want to be and choose the activity that creates the life you want to live.
I was once told by a teacher to write out some of the words I would want used to describe me when my eulogy is given. Although it seemed like a morbid homework assignment, I cannot begin to describe how enlightening it was. 
I realized that If I aim to have those words used to describe me at my funeral later, that meant I have to start being those words today. Not only was it enlightening, but it was empowering. It allowed me to see that no one writes my story more than I do.
But how do I write it? With my moment by moment choices. Not just the big ones either. It starts with the little ones that are repeated day after day, and repeated choices become habit.
Create a Good Day,
Rusty Thompson