Rusty's Corner: Don't Ever Stop Learning

In my opinion, it is too easy and often that we get caught up in the same mundane day-to-day tasks filling up our lives. We wake up, we go to work, we eat dinner, we watch TV, and then go to bed; just to wake up the next morning to do it all over again. This seems to be such a lackluster way to spend our most precious and limited resource - our time.

My challenge this month is to start something new as an "amateur" or "beginner," and develop a new skill. Whether it's a new language, a new art medium, scuba diving, cooking, sailing, or flying an airplane - Just get off the couch and do it.

One of my bucket list goals (list of goals to do before I kick the bucket) was to become a Pilot like my late father. After years of excuses about not enough time and money, I finally started flight school at University Air Center last year. Although there were hiccups along the way, and it took almost twice as long than most due to my budget and time constraints, I finally got my FAA license this past weekend.

It took well over 125 hours once you calculate the ground school, flight time, studying, and exams. Looking back, what would I have done with those hours had I not decided to "get off the couch" a year ago? Would they have been spent watching TV, scrolling through Facebook, or napping? That, I don't know, but what I do know is that I would've been no closer to making my dream a reality than before, and just as far away.

What can you start today that you'll consider a wise investment down the road? What have you been putting off that is overwhelming and daunting? There's only one way to eat an elephant, and that's one bite at a time.

Don't talk yourself out of your dreams - find ways to achieve them, even if it's one small step at a time.


Rusty Thompson