Rusty's Corner: Try Something New

We talked last month about being both a mentor and a mentee, and make sure to check it out if you missed it because this month builds on that idea. Becoming a mentee forces you to get out of your comfort zone and start a new journey. It also takes you from "Someday I will..." to "let's start today."

Trying something new is challenging. It doesn't matter if it's a business, hobby, morning routine, health regimen, job, or school. Getting a mentor, or accountability partner, to help bridge that gap will give you a much higher degree of success.

You already know what your new 'thing' should be. You have a feeling that you want your life to look different than it does today. You have a desire to create something new because a part of you believes it will change your life in some way. Maybe you’ll add more joy to your life. Maybe you’ll create more community.

And you don’t want to wake up a decade from now wondering… “what if?”

Growth requires that you do new things, and that time is now. Don't settle. Start something new and make that someday today, and don't forget to take a mentor along for the ride.