Rusty's Corner: We become the stories we tell ourselves

Every day we tell ourselves stories - hundreds of them. Whether it's the story of why our co-worker didn't finish their project on time or why the political opposition has a certain stance.

It's probably not as clear-cut as the co-worker being lazy or the opposing party wanting to destroy our nation - but that's how we fill the gap between the facts and the unknown. It often happens without us even being aware.

While our stories help fill the void in our world to give us clarity, our stories also cloud our vision. These stories are written out by our perceptions and worldview, and unfortunately, our perceptions are sometimes off base.

The goal isn't to stop our storytelling, not that we could ever do that anyway. Our goal should be awareness of our storytelling. The more aware we are of the story, the more choice we have in whether we believe it. The more choice we have to create a new story.

Don't stop telling yourself stories. Just tell a better one.