Rusty's Corner: Why Does it Take a Tragedy?

I love the way our communities have come together and bonded in the past week after Irma's disastrous visit. I've seen neighbors pull together to clean up fallen trees, throw sand bags, and offer a warm shower to someone without power.  
It's a shame, though, that it takes an event like this to see our neighborhoods really unite. 
We've seen it numerous times - the 9/11 attacks, Virginia Tech's shootings, Hurricane Katrina, The Orlando Pulse shootings, and now Irma. 
We forget our differences and come together as Americans. #prayfor(insert location here) goes viral on social media. Random acts of kindness are shown all over the news. Money pours into the Red Cross and other relief efforts. But, then it all fades.
Back to normal. Back to the divisive politics. Back comes the polarizing disagreements where no one really listens to each other. 
Can't this time be different? Only if we decide to make it different. 
Decide to make it different.