Three Ways to Cure Drainage Problems in Gainesville Lawns

With the high level of rains and tropical storms threatening recently in Gainesville Landscapes, we have received several calls regarding drainage solutions to keep the water clear of the home's foundation, from standing in areas and killing the lawn, and from keeeping mosquito breeding grounds active. Here are three ways we can help keep these drainage issues from affecting your Gainesville lawn and landscape.

1 Functional approach. Most do-it-yourself homeowners believe the way to solve bad drainage problems is to simply install a French drain, which is a 4-inch or 6-inch diameter perforated plastic or PVC drainpipe with a drain field surrounding it. Oftentimes,  this is not the answer though - and even if it is, it is a matter of installing it correctly. Many DIY-ers are unaware that the pipe should be wrapped with a geotextile fabric to eliminate any infiltration of soil or other debris. The pipe is then placed within backfilled drainage rock and directed away from the house or structure. A 1% to 2% slope is necessary to move the water consistently. Gutter downspouts should be connected to the French drain as well to keep water away from the home's foundation. This approach takes little aesthtics or extreme situations into account - but more of your basic moving water from point A to B.

2 Aesthetic approach. Our most successful solution has been recreating the look of a creek or riverbed, utilizing the French drain system with a different twist, known as a Dry Creek Bed. We excavate to a minimum depth of 18 inches and line the riverbed with 2 inches of sand covered with a geotextile fabric. Then, we fill it with 10 inches of drainage stone, add another layer of fabric and top it with 6 inches of mixed river rock, ranging in size from 1 to 6" in diameter. Accent boulders are placed to emulate the look of a dry creek or riverbed. Below is a home in Haile Plantation that we have a Dry Creek Bed and Drainage system. 

3 Extreme solutions. For extreme amounts of runoff, we typically design and install a Flo-Well system or Sump Pump system to push the water away from the home. These are a series of underground connecting modular dry wells made by NDS  that function great for these applications. It is recommended to wrap the Flo-Well with geotextile fabric to eliminate soil migration. and keep the well clear for the maximum amount of drainage capacity.

Managing water, whether it is a drainage nuisance, aesthetic desire, or ecological preservation concern, can all be managed by a professional Drainage or Landscape Company. If you're located in Gainesville, Newberry, Alachua, or High Springs, give us a call at (352) 378-5296.