VLOG: Should I Seed, Plug, or Sod the Bare Spots in my Gainesville Lawn?

A common question we get in spring is whether a homeowner should patch their Gainesville lawn with seed, plugs, or sod. The answer is always, 'it depends.'

It depends on the type of Gainesville lawn grass you have - St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bermuda, or Centipede . Some types of grass don't even have a seed available, so the choice is only to use plugs or sod.

Seed is only commercially available for Bermuda, Bahia, and Centipede (I forgot to mention Centipede in the video).

It also depends on the area you are trying to patch. Small areas surrounded with healthy grass are a better plug solution, and larger areas without any good turf are better for sod installation.

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