VLOG: Which is better - Zoysia or St. Augustine grass?

Zoysia grass and St. Augustine grass perform completely different in Gainesville lawns, and neither is the "perfect" Gainesville, Fl turfgrass. They both have different strengths and weaknesses.

In this video, we specifically discuss the watering or irrigation need differences between the two.

Zoysia is coined as more drought-tolerant, and that is a factual statement - but it's important to understand WHY. It's not just more attractive during drought (because it isn't).

It is drought-tolerant because it stays alive during drought, even though it gets brown quicker than St. Augustine lawns and looks terrible in dry seasons without extra irrigation.

Per University of Florida's IFAS department-

'While Zoysia grass is often marketed as being more drought tolerant than St. Augustine grass, Zoysia requires just as much water in terms of frequency and volume as St. Augustine to remain green and attractive.

The attribute that makes Zoysia grasses more drought tolerant is its ability to transition into a dormant state under drought conditions. In the dormant state, the color of the turf is brown to grayish-brown. Under short-term dry conditions, St. Augustine grass will wilt; upon receiving sufficient water, it will return to an attractive appearance within a few days. Under the same short-term dry conditions, Zoysia grass will turn brown in its dormant state and require new leaf growth to cover the dormant brown leaves.

The benefit of Zoysia grass over St. Augustine is only under severe drought conditions. In severe drought situations, Zoysia grass would be more likely to ultimately recover, while St. Augustine grass may require replacement.'

Make sure Zoysia is the right grass for the conditions of your lawn. Zoysia grass lawns perform best in full sun and will tolerate only moderate shade.

Zoysia grasses are equally or more affected by disease issues than St. Augustine grasses; dollar spot and brown patch fungus are the primary concerns.

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