What is the Turf SWAP $1500 rebate all about?

We have been getting this question a lot recently as this popular rebate program has now officially rolled out across Gainesville. I’d like to try to answer the common questions we are seeing and provide some examples of eligible projects.

REMEMBER: This program ends when funds run out and we expect it to be very popular this year!

Q: What’s the purpose of this program?

A: Saving water is at the heart of Turf SWAP. Despite the name of the program, the key component is irrigation, not turf changes. To be eligible you must have traditional irrigation currently installed that we remove, cap, or replace with more efficient irrigation.

Q: Can I DIY a project and be eligible?

A: Unfortunately, no. All work eligible for this rebate must be performed by Florida Water Star Accredited Professional/SWAP Shop. The good news is that TMLC is on this short list of professionals.

Q: Can I use the rebate for my business location?

A: Yes! Rebates can be used for residential properties, HOA common spaces, and business properties within Alachua County.

Q: How much is the rebate?

A: It’s a 50% rebate, up to $1500 back to you at the completion of the project.

Q: Can I get a second rebate if I did a project in the past?

A: No, if you received a rebate the last time, you are not eligible in this round of the program.

Q: How do I get the rebate?

A: The program is run by the Alachua Environmental Protection Department. The way the process works is you work with us to design your new landscape, retrofit your irrigation system, or add water saving devices. When the project is complete you submit some paperwork including before and after photos, application form, W9, and an itemized paid invoice from TMLC. ACEPD will conduct a site visit to verify work has been completed and your rebate check is issued in 4-6 weeks.

Q: What are some examples of Turf SWAP projects you have completed?

A: Many different projects can qualify for a rebate. Here are a few examples:

A client wanted their outdated irrigation system upgraded to lower their water bill, and improve coverage for certain plants. We installed new heads, a new Smart Controller, and added drip irrigation. This was a $1400 project that they paid $700 out of pocket for.

A client was tired of struggling to keep grass alive under some shade trees. We installed landscaping with shade-tolerant plants like Hydrangea, Camellias, and Agapanthus. The project was about $3,000, but they only paid $1500 out of pocket.

A client wanted to create gardening beds in an area of her backyard. We upgraded her system to drip and installed new garden soil and plants.

A client wanted to remove turf in an area of her yard and add a gravel walkway. This was a $1500 project that she paid $750 out of pocket for.