Why do you need Aeration for your Gainesville Grass?


Simply put, aeration is essential to having a healthy, resilient lawn as it lets oxygen, water, and nutrients penetrate past the topsoil to reach the root zone of your turfgrass, where essential lawn nutrients can stimulate roots to grow and create healthier, stronger Gainesville, Florida lawns.

Aerating your lawn is pretty cool because it …

  • Better enables oxygen to get below the topsoil
  • Improves the uptake of The Master's lawn fertilizers and nutrient feedings
  • Lets the soil more readily absorb the irrigation
  • Reduces water runoff and puddling – and reduces the amount you need to water
  • Improves drainage from heavy rains as it moves through the soil faster
  • Helps strengthen your yard’s root system, the key to a healthy lawn
  • Reduces soil compaction which leads to soil erosion & low grass production
  • Strengthens your lawn’s ability to endure heat waves and droughts
  • Makes your lawn one resilient, beautiful space for fun family time

If you don’t aerate your lawn, you risk having compacted soil. Which basically means oxygen, water, and lawn nutrients from our Gainesville lawn nutrition program can’t get past the surface-level layer (what you see with your naked eye). All the soil beneath that top layer is then at risk of starving when it’s deprived of air and water and nutrients.

A great way to test if your lawn needs aeration is with a screwdriver. Yep, a screwdriver! Flathead or Phillips, it doesn’t matter – take the screwdriver and insert the head into the soil. If the screwdriver can’t be inserted very easily when the soil is moist, then your lawn likely needs a little TLC from aeration and fertilization. You’ve come to the right place to get help with both.

Chances are your lawn needs aeration if you’ve got compacted, poor, or clay-heavy soil, or if you’re lawn is heavy used. Foot traffic and heavy equipment can turn your soil harder than concrete. Also, it’s a good idea to aerate if you’re renovating a yard (lucky you!). 

Another reason to schedule Gainesville aeration for your lawn is if your soil pH is too high. Adding milorganite after aeration will help slowly bring down the pH to make it more suitable for long-term lawn health.