Why isn't my Gainesville lawn as green as my neighbors?

Although there can be a number of different factors affecting why your lawn isn't as green as your neighbors, one of the most common is the available nutrients. 

In this January video, both lawns have the same turfgrass cultivar, watering practices, and mowing heights. The difference is simply differing lawn application programs (or lack thereof) during the fall.

In Alachua County and Gainesville, Florida lawns, there is what is commonly called a 'fertilizer ban' or 'fertilizer ordinance' in the fall and winter. That doesn't mean you cannot apply nutrients to your lawn and soil - just specifically Nitrogen and Phosphorus are banned, not other nutrients such as potassium, iron, molasses, kelp, humic, carbon, micronutrients, or soil amendments.

We recommend lawn applications throughout the year, but of different nutrients to keep your lawn healthy. We believe a healthy soil will equal a healthy lawn, so we feed the soil just as much as we feed the lawn to increase root development, decrease the need for water, and improve the health of the lawn long-term.