5 Gainesville Landscape Tips for this Summer

With temperatures beginning to rise, it’s important to start preparing your Gainesville landscape for success in the months ahead. Does your curb appeal need some added color? Is your lawn ready for the warm weather and adjusted irrigation times?

We have compiled a few tips that will keep your lawn in great shape during the summer months.

1. Don’t Butcher the Grass
It’s tempting to lower your mower blades to cut the grass as short as possible. After all, you reason, it’s sort of like your hair—the shorter you cut it now, the longer you can go between trims. Grass doesn’t work like that, especially when it comes to St. Augustine and Zoysia grass.

Chopping the grass is more likely to leave it brown and dead. For the warm season, not only should you sharpen the blades, but you should also position them to never cut more than 1/3rd of the leaf blade off for an optimal lawn. Leaving the grass slightly taller won’t interfere with the groomed...

Why is the TMLC Lawn Fertilization Program based on 6 visits?

"Why does The Master's Lawn Care base its lawn health program on 6 visits?" We get this question a lot, pretty much anytime we enroll a new client into our Gainesville lawn care program.  Why 6 visits and more to the point, does a lawn need that much fertilizer to stay alive?

Truthfully, no.  Lawns don't need to be treated 6 times per year.  In fact, it was just a few years ago that we were offering a 5 application program (we visited homes roughly every two and half months). However, what I came to realize is that our clients don't want just a fertilization company.  What our clients want is a company who takes care of their lawn.  If you had the time or expertise to watch over your lawn, you wouldn't have called us in the first place and would be doing the work yourself. 

That is why we now visit 6 times a year.  If you're waiting too long for your lawn application company to come out, a lot of bad things can happen in the time between


Time to Plan Your Fall Gainesville Landscaping Task List!

The time has finally come to begin planning your fall Gainesville landscaping tasks. Schedule the projects, purchase supplies, and plan what your priorities are -although the actual to-do list won't begin just yet. You will be fertilizing your lawn, monitoring lawn pest and weed activity, and dialing in irrigation schedules. You may also choose to add some fall seasonal color or add new shrubs and trees.

Why is Gainesville Lawn Spraying Important for my Yard?


Your lawn is exposed to all of the elements - sunshine, wind, rain, insects, weeds, fungus, and disease - and in constant decline. To stop the decline, every lawn needs food (which is lawn fertilizer) and protection from chinch bugs, webworms, weeds and disease every once in a while. Somebody has to do it. Either you can be a weekend warrior - which includes going to your local home improvement store, buying fertilizers and insecticides, hoping you bought the right stuff at the right time and applied it at the right rate; or you can hire a Gainesville Lawn Pest Control Professional.


Weekends off from lawn duty is certainly one perk of Gainesville lawn spraying, but is one Saturday off every 6-8 weeks worth it? In spite of our quite obvious bias, consider the following reasons when...

Gainesville Lawn Care - Timing Fertilization and Preemergent Weed Control

March is just around the corner, which means it's about to be prime growing season for grass; and something else. A lot of harmful weeds like dollarweed and sedge are beginning to spread right now, and the best way to keep those pesky weeds away is by using a Pre-Emergent weed control. A lot of companies prefer to treat them after they've invaded your Gainesville lawn, but a good dose of prevention is better for your lawn and the environment.

A Pre Emergent controls unwanted weeds and grasses by targeting the weed seed just before or immediately after the seed begins to germinate. A good dose of Pre Emergent product applied at the right time keeps weeds from germinating for up to 6 months. The time for that application is now through, and the window is limited to get your prevention applied before the seeds have already hit the ground running for spring.

Was your Gainesville lawn fertilization...