January's Gainesville Landscape Plant: Sasanqua Camellia

What makes this plant win the ‘Gainesville Landscape Plant of the Month’?

Without a doubt, when the Camelia is in bloom you cannot question it’s splendor. The Sasanqua, in comparison to it’s sister Japonica variety, has smaller leaves and grows more densely. It’s glossy leaves shine beautifully throughout the year in landscape beds. It also tends to withstand our Florida sun better, too. It’s blooms are what gives it the prize, though.


How big do they grow?

They can grow up to 15’ tall, depending on the variety planted. It is common in...

Gainesville Landscape Plant of the Month for November: Japonica Camellia

For winter color, you can’t beat the camellia. The Camellia 'Japonica' looks gorgeously green and glossy through the winter and wows us with beautiful flowers to brighten the dull winter landscape. While many plants are losing leaves, going dormant, and suffering cold damage - the Camelia is just coming to life with white, pink, or red blooms to brighten your Gainesville landscape.

Here are some Camellia options for your Gainesville landscape!

Camellias are evergreen, long-flowering shrubs and small trees with long, dark green, glossy leaves. For show-stopping blooms look for these:

  • Camellia japonica 'Lady Campbell' has large, prolific, bright red flowers from February to May.
  • Camellia 'Ashton's Ballethas’ has fragrant, double-flowered pink blooms from October to December
  • Camellia 'Sugar' has delicate pink blooms from November to January.

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