Plan your yard while it's chilly out

January is a tough month for many of us. The weather is chilly, the return to routine after the holidays, trying to keep up with our new resolutions. And on top of that our landscaping is mostly dormant and waiting for the return of warmer weather. If you find yourself longing for spring it could be a great time to plan your landscaping projects

1. Envision your dream yard.
This is what I call the “fun stage” of planning. The sky is the limit here as you think through all of the things you’d like to see and accomplish with your landscaping changes. Is expanding your outdoor living a priority? Is landscape lighting high on your list of needs? Do you want to see lots of color attract butterflies to your yard? Are you envisioning a relaxing tropical oasis secluding you from the outside world? At this point we are not worried about practicality or other constraints; this is where I really encourage you to dream big!

2. Reality check.
A successful landscape...

6 Tips for Planning a Landscaping Project

Cold days in Gainesville are a perfect time to dream about spring and what improvements you want to make to your landscaping. Have you been considering adding a water feature? Reclaiming natural areas? Replacing existing landscaping with native plants or installing a butterfly garden? Whatever your hopes might be for your landscaping, now is a great time to get started planning. To help make that easier, here are six tips to get you started planning a landscaping project

1. Prioritize

A landscaping project can escalate quickly in cost but a smaller budget can go a long way if you focus your dollars in the right way. We recommend prioritizing your project to make the most of your budget and create an impact. For example, focus on the front yard this year and save the backyard for another time,or install a Gainesville paver patio with room to grow and add a fire pit later. Phasing a project helps to break it out into manageable and budget-friendly...