Rusty’s Corner: What is a weed anyway?

Several years ago, we planted a beautiful Elm tree in our yard that would grow up to provide great shade for our backyard.

The challenge is that this tree puts out a lot of seeds and volunteer trees pop up throughout our landscape. I am not exaggerating to say that every time I work in the yard, I find several tiny elm trees in random places. It's a shame that they don't appear in an appealing location, because I know they come from good stock and I would love to have another tree of that caliber. But invariably, they sprout in a rose, or next to my foundation, or any...

Rusty's Corner: We become the stories we tell ourselves

Every day we tell ourselves stories - hundreds of them. Whether it's the story of why our co-worker didn't finish their project on time or why the political opposition has a certain stance.

It's probably not as clear-cut as the co-worker being lazy or the opposing party wanting to destroy our nation - but that's how we fill the gap between the facts and the unknown. It often happens without us even being aware.

While our stories help fill the void in our world to give us clarity, our stories also cloud our vision. These stories are written out by our perceptions and worldview, and unfortunately, our perceptions are sometimes off base.

The goal isn't to stop our storytelling, not that we could ever do that anyway. Our goal should be awareness of our storytelling. The more aware we are of the story, the more choice we have in whether we believe it. The more choice we have to create a new story.

Don't stop telling yourself stories. Just...

Rusty's Corner: Begin with the End in Mind

One of our core values is 'Plan Ahead,' but it really is so much more than that.

Whether it's your day, your upcoming project, your finances, or even your relationships; instilling a habit of visualizing the end result before you act on it will have an incredible impact on you.

The original idea of this core value is rooted in is Habit #2 from 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, one of my favorite books of all time.

'Begin with The End in Mind' is simply taking the time to envision the future of what you're wanting before you actually start the process of working on it. It seems like it would be pretty fundamental to any process, but I have found many times where I skipped this simple step. I would invest lots of time and effort into something only to find out what I wanted and what I ended up with were two very different things.

One of the clearest lessons I remember was in dating - I realized that the type of places I was...

Rusty's Corner: Try Something New

We talked last month about being both a mentor and a mentee, and make sure to check it out if you missed it because this month builds on that idea. Becoming a mentee forces you to get out of your comfort zone and start a new journey. It also takes you from "Someday I will..." to "let's start today."

Trying something new is challenging. It doesn't matter if it's a business, hobby, morning routine, health regimen, job, or school. Getting a mentor, or accountability partner, to help bridge that gap will give you a much higher degree of success.

You already know what your new 'thing' should be. You have a feeling that you want your life to look different than it does today. You have a desire to create something new because a part of you believes it will change your life in some way. Maybe you’ll add more joy to your life. Maybe you’ll create more community.


Rusty’s Corner: Two Roles We Should All Play

There's an old adage that we should always be in the process of two things:

  • Being a mentor for someone a couple steps behind us
  • Being mentored by someone a couple steps ahead of us

Mentoring isn't about age, either. It's simply a person who is a couple steps ahead of you in any single area of life, that can help you avoid pitfalls that you might not otherwise be aware of. These areas could be health, career, marriage, investing, spirituality, raising kids, or even a hobby.

Personally, I find I am much more willing to look for a mentor in an area of life I want to improve in than I am seeking someone I can be a mentor for. Whether this is selfishness in wanting to focus on my own ambition or humility in not feeling I can be an effective mentor in anything, I'm not sure.

The reason being a mentee is important is that you are reminded what it's like to learn something new,...

Rusty's Corner: Does 2021 Have the Traction you Wanted?

We are over 3 months into 2021, but how are your actions aligning with your goals?
The tendency is to let motivation and actions decrease as the time since setting a goal increases.
If you are making progress, keep it up! If your traction has waned, let's look at 3 quick tips to get back on track.

Refocus On the Desired Outcome:
It’s normal to feel disappointed or even embarrassed when a goal goes unmet, but don’t let those feelings keep you from restarting. Refocus on your desired outcome of the goal, not just the actions. Get excited about reaching your goal again and create repeatable reminders of your desired outcome to consistently refocus on your why. Whether it's a vision board, writing on your bathroom mirror, or a note on your dashboard - make sure it stays front of mind.

Allow your goal to have time to develop:
'Rome wasn't built in a day' is the old saying. There are very few worthwhile goals...

Rusty's Corner: Create Margin

One thing I know we all have in common is that we all have more than one priority in a day. We can all say we have full schedules and never enough time in a day to complete our to-do lists. I find myself with a list of things to complete and that list...never seems to end. The truth is, the list will NEVER end. It’s all about creating margin and recognizing that saying yes to something will result in a no to something else. We simply cannot do it all, ALL of the time.

Keeping margin in mind, I have learned to say, “No" to things I don't want to do or aren't a high enough priority, and realizing that saying “Yes” to something means “No” to something else.  For instance, I know that if I plan on working late, that means I will be missing dinner with my family. I cannot add more time into the day, but I can make conscious decisions about things I add to my to-do list. For me, if it’s not a 'hell yes', then it should be a 'no!'

Margin is the unscheduled time...

Rustys Corner: Proactive planning

The new year has started and most of us have hit the ground running trying to keep up with our plans to make 2021 the best year ever.  One of the foundational ways I have learned to tackle my goals is by proactive weekly planning. The book 7 Habits highlights this in Habit #3:  “Put the First things First.” If I don't set my calendar around what is most important at the beginning of the week, I get to the end of the week with a few of my top priorities tackled.

Most of us have more to-dos than we have time to accomplish them, and without making time each week to prioritize what should be done first, we end up crossing a lot of things off that don't really end up moving the bar at all. Proactive weekly planning is simply deciding in advance what is most important and what is not, and then locking your calendar to mirror that.

Everyone has their own way, but I start by taking the first day of the week (Sunday) and checking in with myself and the roles I...

Goals for the New Year - 5 areas of focus

So here we are, we survived 2020! Planning for the future might have been a daunting task last year. We had many unexpected challenges and obstacles to navigate through that tested our health, relationships, careers, and finances. With the new year, we have a chance to press the reset button and begin again on a positive note. Many people focus on new year resolutions and often give up within a few weeks. I find that setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation so that you can make the most of your new year.

I have made a list of 5 areas of your life to focus on for the year 2021 that will help you start strong with a plan in mind. These 5 originated from Zig Ziglar's Wheel of Life.

  1. Health
    Being healthy should be part of your overall lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just loosing weight, which is generally a
  2. ...

Thank you and Happy Holidays

As this year comes to an end, I would like to thank you for being a loyal member of The Master’s Lawn Care community.

I just want to start by saying thank you this holiday season. Whether you're a team member, client, vendor, or member of our local community; I just want to show my appreciation for your support of our business and your contribution to what makes our community so great.

It’s so easy to forget how blessed I am to live in North Central Florida. There aren't many places on earth like Gainesville, that within a very short drive I can be at the beach, the gulf, the springs, the university, rural towns, urban cities, and world-renown theme parks.

The best part about living and working in Gainesville isn't the proximity to amenities though - it's the community of people. It's you. Rarely do you find people so bought-in to giving back to the community - whether you're here for a college education or putting...