Rusty's Corner: Knowing Your 'Why' Gives Your 'What' More Impact

Whatever it is that you do, I encourage you to find and focus on why you do it. It will transform what you do into a passion and a purpose, and less of just another job. Our company has a 'why' that is about so much more than treating lawns or installing plants. Our why is to affect the people around us - our team, clients, and the Gainesville community - in a positive way. Sometimes that's giving parents the opportunity to go to their child's soccer game because they don't have to hassle with their lawn. Other times it's giving a family a place to spend time together without electronics by installing a patio with a firepit.

TMLC's Summer Family Picnic at O'Leno State Park

Nearly 30 people enjoyed the annual TMLC Family Summer Picnic on Saturday, June 25th. We all enjoyed time at Oleno State Park Canoeing, Swimming, and eating great food. We also got to Compete in Ultimate Frisbee, Watermelon Eating Contest, Creating large bubbles, and a water balloon fight. It was fun to not only spend time with our team outside of work, but to meet all the families' of team members that TMLC touches.

Rusty's Corner: A Note of Gratitude

The season of giving is upon us! This is one of my favorite times of year, a time of magic and joyful celebration.

When I was younger the magic of the season came with what I would receive. As I've grown older, and maybe a little wiser, it's still a magical season but for very different reasons. These days it's the spirit of giving and the chance to spend time with those I love most that really makes it feel like Christmas. It's also a time when I am humbled with gratitude for all of the many blessings in my life.

For over 10 years now The Master's Lawn Care has proudly served Gainesville and we have been blessed with steady growth and incredibly wonderful clients. The words "thank you" really don't seem like enough to express my gratitude, but they are the words that I have so I will start there. Thank you for enabling The Master's Lawn Care to create 5 new jobs in 2015. Thank you for allowing us to support local businesses, nurseries, and growers. Most of all, thank...

Rusty's Corner: Choices

I've been thinking about the choices we make, and how they affect us. There are big choices like where to live, where to work, and who to vote for. There are small choices like going out to which restaurant or what movie to see. And then, there are the automatic "non-choices" like whether to exercise, eat desert, or spend time with our family.

In the long run, our lives are comprised of and determined by the choices we make, no matter how small or large. Sure, circumstances and past events influence us. Genetics play a role and perhaps luck is part of it, as well.
But mostly, it is our personal decisions that determine the direction and quality of our lives. So I'm amazed at how little time we spend thinking about how we make the choices that control our lives.
Every single day, we make far more...

Rusty's Corner: Don't Ever Stop Learning

In my opinion, it is too easy and often that we get caught up in the same mundane day-to-day tasks filling up our lives. We wake up, we go to work, we eat dinner, we watch TV, and then go to bed; just to wake up the next morning to do it all over again. This seems to be such a lackluster way to spend our most precious and limited resource - our time.

My challenge this month is to start something new as an "amateur" or "beginner," and develop a new skill. Whether it's a new language, a new art medium, scuba diving, cooking, sailing, or flying an airplane - Just get off the couch and do it.

One of my bucket list goals (list of goals to do before I kick the bucket) was to become a Pilot like my late father. After years of excuses about not enough time and money, I finally started flight school at University Air Center last year. Although there were hiccups along the way, and it took almost twice as long than most due to my budget and time constraints, I finally got my...

Rusty's Corner: Good News About Hard Times

Everyone has tough times that they have to struggle through. We all face those challenging times that we know will pass, but seem to take forever. Too often we fail to see everything that we can learn from the obstacles that life throws our way.

Obviously, suffering and rejection are not good things. We all want to avoid pain and no one wants to be rejected. What is vitally important, however, is not what hard times come along (because inevitably they will), but how we respond when they do.

Some people crumble. They become bitter and see the world as unfair. They begin to think that they are "wrong" or flawed. At some level, they give up and completely lose hope.

Others, however, hang tough. They examine their beliefs and their strategies -adjusting where they can - and hold firm to the unchanging principles that guide their lives.

I would never wish adversity on anyone, and yet, without it, some of us will never know who we truly are. I love the quote...