5 Myths for Gainesville Lawns in Winter

As the season's change, so should your Gainesville lawn maintenance action plan. We have compiled a few lawn care myths that we would like to debunk to help keep your lawn in great shape during the winter months.
Feel free to share this with your neighbors as well! That way, the whole neighborhood knows the facts and has beautiful landscapes this winter.

MYTH 1: Turn irrigation system off
FACT: Your lawn will certainly need less water in the winter than summer, but it still will need some if you want a quick green-up in spring. In North Florida, we get several cold fronts that really drop the temperatures quickly - but we also get some warm fronts that can spike temperatures during the day as well. Having a drought-stressed lawn combined in those warm spells will cause your lawn stress and slow down its spring recovery. For most...

6 Tips for Planning a Landscaping Project

Cold days in Gainesville are a perfect time to dream about spring and what improvements you want to make to your landscaping. Have you been considering adding a water feature? Reclaiming natural areas? Replacing existing landscaping with native plants or installing a butterfly garden? Whatever your hopes might be for your landscaping, now is a great time to get started planning. To help make that easier, here are six tips to get you started planning a landscaping project

1. Prioritize

A landscaping project can escalate quickly in cost but a smaller budget can go a long way if you focus your dollars in the right way. We recommend prioritizing your project to make the most of your budget and create an impact. For example, focus on the front yard this year and save the backyard for another time,or install a Gainesville paver patio with room to grow and add a fire pit later. Phasing a project helps to break it out into manageable and budget-friendly...