How to Avoid Frost Damage in Your Gainesville Lawn

Here are a couple tips to avoid frost damage in your Gainesville turfgrass. Regardless of if you have St. Augustine, Zoysia, Centipede, or Bermuda - these are great tips to help keep your grass protected on those chilly evenings in Northern Florida. 

  • Wait for the sun to rise to melt the frost from your lawn before stepping, driving, or applying impact pressure on your grass.
  • Give your grass a deep watering the night before an expected frost. The watering allows moisture to slowly evaporate overnight, causing friction and heat around the grass blades. As the night air drops below freezing, you turf will have a slightly higher temperature from the evaporating heat process, allowing your grass to not reach the freezing temperature that causes plant cell wall damage.
  • Move the mower blades up .5 inches, allowing longer leaves to help shelter grass crowns from future frosts.
  • Refrain from mowing right before a frost. Mowing creates a wound on the
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What is Non Toxic Lawn Care in Gainesville and What are the Benefits?

Are there Alternatives to the typical Lawn Pest Control program in Gainesville? 

Yes. Natural landscape maintenance programs can achieve a healthy and dense lawn using the latest scientific developments in organic-based fertilizers and soil amendments. The Master's Lawn Care is a Gainesville, Florida Natural Lawn Fertilization company introducing practices will lead to a healthy vigorous lawn which resists pests and disease over time.

The benefits of Organic-Based Lawn Health Care in Gainesville, Florida lawns are proven and sound. Here are just a few of the benefits of using Natural Lawn Fertilizers and Organic Based Soil Stimulants:

  • Using organic-based lawn fertilizers to treat your soil causes a slow release of nutrients that allows grass roots to absorb them
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What's in a Gainesville Organic-Based Lawn Fertilization Program?

The nutrients in fertilizers come from many sources. Synthetic fertilizers are manufactured using mined resources, gasses from the air, and other non-organic minerals. The nutrients in a Premium Gainesville, Florida Organic Lawn Program used derived fertilizers that are obtained from living matter, natural by-products, waste, microbes, plants, and other organic materials. There are many benefits to using fertilizers derived from organic sources. Here is the difference between how synthetic fertilizer programs and Organic Fertilizer Programs feed your yard: