Steve Strickland

Maintenance Dept. Manager


Steve joined The Master's team in 2015 as a landscape maintenance technician and quickly demonstrated his skill and ability where he was promoted to foreman. For the past two years he has served as the head of our maintenance department overseeing 10 teams and ensuring that work is performed with excellence and efficiency. His primary responsibilities include setting up our landscape maintenance teams for success with the proper training, tools, and communication. He also meets with clients for customer service needs and proposing new jobs. Before joining The Master's Steve was self-employed for 12 years running a sucessful commercial cleaning business. He was also able to hone his management skills through years of training focused on profitability and customer service when he while serving as a manager for Publix Supermarkets. 

He continues education through horticultural industry workshops and trainings throughout the year in order to pass that knowledge on to his team.


In his free time he enjoys family time with his wife, their 6 children and two young grandchildren. He also has a passion for the outdoors with activities including riding dirt bikes, camping, and fishing.