They don't just come in a mow your lawn. They want to make sure that it is draining properly, watered correctly, and even getting enough sunlight. There is so much more to having a healthy grass than just cutting it. You need to treat it for bugs and weeds as well as the above. His team educates you, doesn't take advantage of you either.

Angela Renick

TMLC is great! The whole company is fantastic to work with. They are responsive and their work speaks for itself. Any yard, landscaping, or irrigation needs can be met by them!

Matt Carillo, Atty.

I highly recommend The Masters Lawn Care! We've been lawn maintenance clients for several years and also recently had irrigation work done and a large landscaping project completed. Everyone from the office staff to the crew members are awesome to work with, each person I encounter always makes sure all concerns are addressed and everything is taken care of with attention to detail. Very pleased and highly recommend...

Erin Berky
I came home Thursday and found Joe (lawn fertilization technician) pulling weeds in my grass. I asked him why, and he said the product he used did not kill them and he did not want to waste more time and money on a chemical that didn't work. Now that is dedication! He does such a great job on our lawn!
Dr. Richard King, a Medical Director at UF
The Master's Lawn Care never disappoints! They have been providing lawn care at my office for year or so. All of the guys are very professional and their attention to detail is second to none. They even go above and beyond the normal service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality job!
Jes Odom, Farm Bureau Insurance
Frustrated by my own ill-informed efforts, I connected with TMLC and the team has transformed the property. Judy and I couldn't be more pleased. Moreover, they are always responsive to questions, and the result is a sense of trust that frees me up!
Al Shoaf
Rusty and the team have made such a huge difference in our yard since taking it on this past summer. They have been very attentive in my needs since I have fruit trees in my yard. They do an excellent job in keeping our yard looking pristine. We love not having to worry about anything and they are very reasonably priced. We are very glad we chose Masters Lawn Care. Thank you!
Scott and Heather Ellis

Rusty and his team have surpassed my expectations - they have done an incredible job with our landscaping! We had some sad looking landscaping at our new home when we moved in, and Rusty provided some great suggestions and ideas which his crew delivered on! I met with several companies in the area to get a quote/ideas for this job and there was no doubt in my mind when decision-time came - would definitely recommend...

Kristy Buige
I have used The Master's Lawn Care for several months now, and I absolutely love it. No longer do my fiance and I have to spend our much needed weekend time doing yard work. Rusty and his crew have always done a wonderful job with landscaping, and the yard always looks so great when I come home. Thank you to the team for making my life so much easier!
Carlee Daylor of Mile Run Subdivision
THANK YOU for the beautiful work you've done with our property! We truly appreciate your service. Our landscaping finally looks intentional! We look forward to continuing our relationship and telling others about the great work you've done.
Anthem Church of Gainesville

Rusty's Corner

Rusty's picture

Why Does it Take a Tragedy?

I love the way our communities have come together and bonded in the past week after Irma's disastrous visit. I've seen neighbors pull together to clean up fallen trees, throw sand bags, and offer a warm shower to someone without power.  
It's a shame, though, that it takes an event like this to see our neighborhoods really unite. 
We've seen it numerous times - the 9/11 attacks, Virginia Tech's shootings, Hurricane Katrina, The Orlando Pulse shootings, and now Irma. 
We forget our differences and come together as Americans. #prayfor(insert location here) goes viral on social media. Random acts of kindness are shown all over the news. Money pours into the Red...

The Latest TMLC Blog Post

3 Problems to Watch for in Your Yard after Irma's Visit

The winds and rain of Hurricane Irma have passed and left a path of destruction in their wake. Although many are worried about much larger problems due to Irma's visit, here are 3 problems to watch out for in your landscape:

1. Widowmakers - For tree arborists, a 'widowmaker' is a detached or broken limb that is caught in the top of a tree awaiting for an opportunity to fall. These are dangerous for obvious reasons and need to be addressed quickly. Our licensed and insured arborist team can safely remove these from your trees before they damage anything. We can also remove any trees that you were worried about but couldn't get removed before the storm hit, because now it looks like Jose is coming to nearby as well. 

2. Lawn Fungus - After a storm like