I came home Thursday and found Joe (lawn fertilization technician) pulling weeds in my grass. I asked him why, and he said the product he used did not kill them and he did not want to waste more time and money on a chemical that didn't work. Now that is dedication! He does such a great job on our lawn!
Dr. Richard King, a Medical Director at UF
The Master's Lawn Care never disappoints! They have been providing lawn care at my office for year or so. All of the guys are very professional and their attention to detail is second to none. They even go above and beyond the normal service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality job!
Jes Odom, Farm Bureau Insurance
Frustrated by my own ill-informed efforts, I connected with TMLC and the team has transformed the property. Judy and I couldn't be more pleased. Moreover, they are always responsive to questions, and the result is a sense of trust that frees me up!
Al Shoaf
Rusty and the team have made such a huge difference in our yard since taking it on this past summer. They have been very attentive in my needs since I have fruit trees in my yard. They do an excellent job in keeping our yard looking pristine. We love not having to worry about anything and they are very reasonably priced. We are very glad we chose Masters Lawn Care. Thank you!
Scott and Heather Ellis

Rusty and his team have surpassed my expectations - they have done an incredible job with our landscaping! We had some sad looking landscaping at our new home when we moved in, and Rusty provided some great suggestions and ideas which his crew delivered on! I met with several companies in the area to get a quote/ideas for this job and there was no doubt in my mind when decision-time came - would definitely recommend...

Kristy Buige
I have used The Master's Lawn Care for several months now, and I absolutely love it. No longer do my fiance and I have to spend our much needed weekend time doing yard work. Rusty and his crew have always done a wonderful job with landscaping, and the yard always looks so great when I come home. Thank you to the team for making my life so much easier!
Carlee Daylor of Mile Run Subdivision
THANK YOU for the beautiful work you've done with our property! We truly appreciate your service. Our landscaping finally looks intentional! We look forward to continuing our relationship and telling others about the great work you've done.
Anthem Church of Gainesville
Our experience with Master's Lawn Care following our recent landscaping project has been excellent. Rusty is professional, knowledgeable and very responsive, returning calls usually within minutes. He was open to modifying our original plans with suggestions that displays his years of experience and expertise. His crews are pleasant, arrive on time, and clean up! When minor issues came up they were handled promptly. We were...
Dr. James O'Meara
This was our first time with a major landscaping project at our new home here in Gainesville, and we were very glad that we chose Master's Lawn Care. Rusty was the main contact person who came to our house during the planning process. He was very attentive to our needs, listened well, and then came back with some good ideas to add color that would bloom at different times of the year, and also with plant life that is...
Dr. Kent Berg of San Felasco Estates
We have used The Master's Lawn Care for a year now and have been extremely pleased with their service. Our lawn and landscaping is beautiful and has remained beautiful throughout the last year. They are extremely conscientious about what YOU want and strive to ensure your property looks the best. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.
Dr. & Mrs. Efron of Wilds Plantation HOA

Rusty's Corner

Rusty's picture

New Beginnings

Spring is a time of new beginnings. You see it in plants with blooming flowers. You see it in animals as they become more active. We see it in kid's lives with graduations. Spring cleaning. Spring weddings. 
For me personally, this spring is a time to prepare for an exciting new beginning as fatherhood nears and I get to welcome my son into the world. Starting something new is exciting, overwhelming, and scary all at the same time. It's an opportunity to expand your horizon mixed in with a bit of fear of the unknown. We don't all have such large changes in the spring, but I think it's still a great time for starting something new. 
I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage you to create a new beginning in your life. It can be anything from running a marathon to learning to growing a garden in your backyard. 
Whatever you choose, take the first step. It'll be worth it, but only if you get started.

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Quick Tip: How can I get rid of ants in my Gainesville lawn?

In the past few weeks, I've had multiple clients ask about how to control the number of ants in their lawn. The combination of a fairly dry winter and the extremely dry spring this year has created outstanding conditions for ants to expand their population and build more nests. This is the reason why you may feel like you're seeing more ant beds this year than normal. For most people, the bite of an ant is just a painful nuisance. For children, pets, and people with allergies- they can be far more dangerous.