Customer Testimonials

I contracted Masters for long-overdue landscaping. Rusty offered professional recommendations to meet my needs and the project was successfully completed by a professional team. The Irrigation tuneup confirmed appropriate water coverage was sufficient to insure new landscaping maintenance. The overall project exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Carter and Barbara Nute

Jacob came over today and installed an irrigation system covering all the new plants the landscape team installed. I am so happy I chose TMLC to make a butterfly garden for my new home! Jacob was professional in his demeanor, answered every question completely, and let me know when he left in case I had additional questions. I have received only the best, most attractive, attentive, and superb work. Thank you!

Dr. Elizabeth Piazza of Turkey Creek

We've now used Master's Lawn care for over a year and the team does phenomenal work. While slightly less expensive than our last lawn care company, the team approach to our property has taken our lawn and garden to the next level. We really appreciate their diligent work.

Dr. Gene Good via 5* Google Review

The Master's lawn pest control team was at our home again this week and I'm still so impressed with the dedication and care they put into our lawn. Josh, our technician, took time to explain each and every question I had and our lawn is the envy of the neighborhood. The grass is thick and green and our guests always remark on how nice it feels when they walk across it. Thank for another great year of service!

Susan Berg via 5* Google Review

TMLC did a fantastic job at Saint Francis Catholic this week. Mike and Curtis's attention to detail has made our grounds absolutely beautiful. Our lawn areas need to make a positive impression on visitors to our campus, and The Master's team goes above and beyond to make that happen. We can't wait to see the impact they will have on our athletic fields! Everyone at The Master's has been a pleasure to work with and we look...

David Fallo, St. Francis Catholic Academy

TMLC is the best lawn care and landscaping company that we have used. Prior to them, we had another well-known company providing our lawn service for over 25 years. Because they are devoted to lawns, they are experts in this field. As a result, our lawn has never been as thick, green, and healthy as it is now. Based on many years of experience as a homeowner with lawns, we highly recommend them.

Jim Guth

I can’t begin to tell you how much Master’s Lawn Care has changed my life!!  Everyone comments on my flowers and my lawn and your response to my concerns are immediate. Chuck took my vision and made it a reality - your team makes me feel like I am your only customer! Thank you!!

Kathy Brennan

I've just started using Master's Lawn Care, but they did an initial cleanup on my yard and I am very happy with the results! They did a lot of work to cleanup my back fence, which had become overgrown by unwanted plants and even a bamboo trying to creep into my yard from a neighbor's. The flower beds are starting to become more defined, and I'm looking forward to seeing how my yard continues to improve with their service...

Laura Brenskelle

We used The Master's for our landscaping, irrigation, and yard lighting projects. Rusty was personally involved in the planning of each project and recommended details based on his experience, which was greatly appreciated. Each project was completed within the estimates provided and was completed in a timely manner. Our house and landscape look absolutely stunning and we highly recommend Rusty and his staff for your...

Jack Jacobs, Retired Alachua County Sherriffs Office

We hired Masters last year for our lawn applications and couldn't be happier! We were using Trugreen to fertilize our lawn for years, but constantly felt like we were spinning our wheels. They always wanted to upcharge us for all kinds of different services, yet we weren't seeing very good results from the applications we had already paid for. Now, with Masters protecting our lawn, we have been seeing consistently better...

Rick Lanier, Town of Tioga HOA

Rusty's Corner

Rusty’s Corner: Be known by what you're for; not what you're against

For some reason, it's become increasingly popular for organizations to be known more by what they're against; rather than what they're for. This is most notable in politics and religion.

We are constantly hearing ‘the Republicans are against this policy,’ and ‘the Democrats are against that one.’ This religious group is against this, and another is against that, and so on.

Rarely are organizations known by what cause they rally around to support, and that’s truly sad.

The reason is simple: You can raise more money, gain a bigger following, and turnout more votes by having an enemy - but does it ever accomplish anything significant?

Let me be clear - I have deeply held personal religious and political beliefs, so this is not about disengaging with any group. Quite the contrary.

I’m asking you to engage further, but rather than merely following - I'm asking you to speak out. These organizations are just groups of individuals, and the issue isn’t the...

The Latest TMLC Blog Post

What is the best way to level out depressions in my yard?

Areas of a lawn can become uneven over time, due to settling, drainage issues, and various natural and unnatural causes. If you’re wanting to level out these spots the first step will be finding the cause of the uneven spots.

Cause #1
The most common reason being trees were removed some time in the last  several years. As the tree stump and roots decompose, it creates a low spot where the mass of the tree's trunk was.
Solution #1
Apply about 2 inches of quality top soil in the low spot. Do not fully cover the grass, make sure the grass is visible, let it grow through the soil and keep adding this until it grows out.
What to Expect:
Unless the tree is done decomposing it will continue to decompose and cause a spot. Leveling this spot will be a continual process until it is done decomposing. Plan on repeating this process over time - 2 inches this season - then 2 next season over and over...