5 Quick Tips to Prepare Your Gainesville Landscape for Summer Storms

April has flown by and here we are knocking on the door of summer. College students are heading home for summer after graduation this past weekend, and the elementary, middle, and high schools are next. This month, why not take steps to protect your home during the soon-to-come summer storms? A few adjustments now can really pay off when the next weather event hits. Here are 3 ways to prepare you Gainesville yard for storms that can save you hundreds of dollars, and give you some peace of mind.

1. Clean Your Gutters
During the fall and winter, many gutters became filled with leaves, pine straw, and debris. Clear any debris from your gutters to make sure all that rainwater can easily flow off your roof and away from your home. When water can't get through your gutters, it pools on your roof and flows over the gutters in ways that can damage your landscaping, cause erosion at the foundation, or even damage your home's wood siding. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, or you prefer to hire a Gutter Cleaning professional - it's important to get it done before the summer season comes, and it's much easier to do when it's been dry in spring if you're a DIYer! 

2. Prune Your Trees
Some of the worst storm damage is caused by falling trees. A healthy, sturdy tree is unlikely to topple in high winds, but one with dead limbs or disproportionate growth may. Prior to Summer is the perfect time to contact our team to have a trusted arborist evaluate the health of your trees. If you've got large trees on your property, you should have them evaluated every couple years. Maintaining them will help you protect both your property and the tree itself. 

3. Ensure Your Lawn has Proper Drainage
If water pools around your home, flood damage or foundational damage should be a concern for you in the storm season. As the summer downpours inevitably come, followed by the occasional tropical storm, proper Gainesville Drainage solutions are a top priority. They could involve Gutters, Downspout extensions, French Drains, Drainage Swales, or simply re-grading the area for improved runoff. 

4. Reduce Clutter in your Landscape

Many landscapes have clutter and debris in them - everything from pet and children's toys, hoses, garden furniture, landscape artwork, and other debris. All of these things can become airborne in a storm and cause damage to your or your neighbor's home. You don't need to remove it all until a hurricane or tropical storm is bearing down on us - but getting some of the unnecessary clutter in your yard will sure make cleaning up the lawn with the storm bearing down on you much easier.

5. Document your Home - Outside and In

This is not a tip you'd expect from a lawn company, because it has very little to do with your yard. However, it's a lesson many have learned the hard way. It is impossible to remember everything you owned after a major loss. Video or Photo evidence of what your home looked like, inside and out, before the loss makes replacement a simpler process - and there's no better time to have a simplified process in the midst of a catastrophe. The documentation should cover a quick inventory of your appliances, tools, furniture, and valuable belongings in addition to any upgrades to the home. 

Preparation for a storm shouldn't just happen when the storm is inevitably on it's way. It should occur annually as storm season approaches by proactively preparing for the worst, while hoping for the best. If we can help with the gutter cleaning, tree arborist services, or drainage solutions- don't hesitate to call our office at (352)378-5296 or fill out the form above. We would love to help!