Fall is the Perfect Time for Gainesville Fertilization

The shorter days and cooler nights of early September should mean that your lawn is starting to perk up and look better from the summer stress. It's an ideal time for lawns to recover from summer stress and to build a strong foundation and root system for a lush Gainesville lawn next year.

Proper Gainesville lawn fertilization is part of the lawn care regimen needed to help your lawn recover from stress this summer and prepare for winter and next spring. Fertilizing your lawn in September will help the grass fill in thin spots, grow a deep root system, and store energy (carbohydrates) to battle the low temperatures of winter and begin growing early next spring. In addition, fertilizing will provide a deep green color this fall and your lawn will green up early next spring. The Master's is currently fertilizing Gainesville lawns with an organic mixture of Sea Kelp and other soil nutrients to develop healthy roots, some nitrogen and iron to push a healthy green color, and some prevenative products to keep sod webworms and weeds out of the lawn.

By fertilizing in September, it is still warm enough for the grass to take up the fertilizer and utilize it to grow new grass and store energy internally to survive winter and re-grow next spring. Since the air temperatures in fall are starting to reduce, there should be only a modest amount of growth - especially with using the Master's recommendations above, because of it's slow-release mixture and make-up.

Water your lawn in fall if there are periods of dry weather, although Gainesville lawns rarely see dry Septembers due to tropical activity in the Carribbean. Also, keep mowing your lawn by removing no more than 1/3rd of the leaf blade for proper health. Mowing less often and more than 1/3 of the blade add stress to your turf and doesn't allow it to fill in properly. 

Take advantage of the cooling evenings that are coming to help your lawn recover from stress this summer and to get your lawn off to a great start and early green-up next spring!

If you're interested in Gainesville lawn fertilization program options, please don't hesitate to call our team at (352)378-5296 or fill out the form at the top of the page!