Finding Balance

Every business has a season and for us, summer is definitely the time of year that tests your mettle and wears your family's patience thin. Days start early and run long and weather wreaks havoc on carefully planned schedules. We all have these times in life where the hours are short and the list of things we need to get done is unending.

Today I thought I'd share a few tips that might help to ensure we are aiming towards keeping some balance in our lives.

  • Schedule a weekend to do nothing - I believe that we all need a bit or real down time. This isn't something that I have to opportunity to do often, but now and then a weekend with absolutely nothing on the calendar is deeply recharging!
  • Play to your Strengths - As much as I might like to tell myself that I can do everything, it's simply not true. And the reality is that there are people in my life who have skills and talents that are greater than mine. Focus your efforts on those tasks where you have the most passion and enlist help with some of the other things that may be better suited elsewhere.
  • Plan by roles - Every Sunday I take a few minutes to plan my week paying attention to the different roles I play in life. What will I do this week to improve in my role as a father? As a husband? A son? A business leader. Choose the roles that are most important to you and focus on making small but intentional efforts in each one of those.
  • Unplug - I will end with a tip that is as much for myself as anyone else! In our ever connected world sometimes it seems that the work day never truly ends. Make quality time and quiet time really count by turning off notifications and resisting the urge to check in!