Five great reasons why outdoor lighting is highly beneficial

Outdoor Lighting is a great way to Artfully Illuminate Your Outdoor Space!
Whether you're looking for curb appeal, security, or extending your entertaining area outside, landscape lighting is a design trend that does just that.

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However, some people often choose not to install outdoor lighting in the interest of cutting landscaping costs or simply not seeing the appeal. What they don’t realize is that landscape lighting can do more than just highlight your yard’s best features.

In fact, here are five great reasons why outdoor lighting is highly beneficial.

1. Safety - Outdoor lighting illuminates walkways and other trip hazards in your path.

2. Security - Outdoor security lighting discourages would-be intruders from targeting your home by increasing the risk of being caught.

3. Curb Appeal - Adding strategically placed lights leading to or surrounding your features of interest is a very artistic and very effective way of creating curb appeal.

4. Added Value - Outdoor lighting, being a technical addition, is actually considered an essential home feature by roughly half of new homeowners looking to buy. Many potential buyers consider it a “desirable quality” when home shopping.

5. Expands Outdoor Living - Once you’ve invested in a patio, outdoor kitchen, or new landscape, you’ve created the perfect place to entertain guests and spend time with family...Don’t let the lack of proper lighting ruin the experience!

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