Gainesville Landscape Flower of the Month: Delphinium Pacific Giants

Delphinium Pacific Giants are an award-winning Gainesville Landscaping perenial strain with tall, elegant spires of closely packed, large, well-formed blossoms in pink, violet, and many shades of blue flowers. They are a great background plant that attracts hummingbirds and other pollinators.

The downside of Delphiniums require a good amount of maintenance (staking, pruning, deadheading, disease control) in order to perform well in the garden,  but their beauty makes them worth it for most landscapes.

They're susceptible to powdery mildew, blight, leaf spots and crown rot. Plants grown in full sun generally show better resistance to powdery mildew. Watering these plants at the base with drip irrigation helps to avoid wetting the foliage. Crown rot will inevitably develop if plants are grown in poorly drained soils or planted too deepWatch for aphids, leaf miners, stem borers and mites. Taller plants may need staking and appreciate being sited in locations protected from wind. Plants parts are considered toxic to humans if ingested.

The large, showy blossoms are densely packed on erect spikes. Great as tall borders in sunny gardens, be sure to stake the plants to protect them from the wind. Don't worry about protecting delphinium from cold, unless temperatures drop into the mid-20s. Once temperatures rise in summer, the plants will fade and you'll need to remove them.

It should be noted that delphiniums are poisonous to humans and some animals if eaten, so be sure to keep small children or the family pet out of the flower beds that contain these. Planting in the front yard instead of the backyard is recommended for this reason.