Gainesville Landscape Plant of the Month: Golden Cassia

As a focal point, the cassia is a multipurpose tree that brightens the North Florida landscape with its bright yellow flowers.

While the tree is in bloom, it is easily the brightest plant in most any landscape. The Golden Cassia tree with all its glowing flowers definitely sends a signal to all bees and butterflies in the area to come join the party.

Due to our colder winters (compared to south Florida), the tree will drop its leaves after a hard frost - but can be pruned and come back stronger in spring. The medium-sized tree usually grows to decent heights but can be managed with winter pruning. It’s not really a large-sized tree and doesn’t require special arrangements regarding the location and space in your garden. You can practically plant it in a side yard or a tiny backyard.

Landscape Design Ideas using cassia trees:

  • This tree is most ornamental around a patio or around the pool
  • Centerpiece for a circular driveway
  • Use as an anchor plant for garden beds
  • Accent a corner of your  house
  • Use the  tree as a focal point near the entryway
  • Accent architecture such as pillars
  • Use along a fence or property line
  • Plant it at the entrance to a walkway or driveway
  • Adding interest along a blank wall/fence

Cassia trees are normally pruned in late winter or early spring. Early pruning gives the shrub plenty of time to form the buds that will bloom in late summer. Do the first structural pruning the first spring after planting.

Before pruning your cassia in the spring, check out this video:
Quick Tip on Spring Pruning for Golden Cassia Trees

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