Gainesville Landscape Plant of the Month: Viola

The Viola is a beautiful cool-season annual. It offers amazing uniformity across a wide range of dazzling colors for Gainesville Landscaping with more blooms on every plant than most other flowers. It is also more tolerant of Florida's warm days in the middle of the winter well, too. It's excellent for massing, edging, rock gardens and in hanging baskets and other containers.

These little beauties were imported from Europe in the 18th century.  Viola flowers are smaller than their Pansy cousins – about the size of a nickel – but much more abundant. Violas also tend to be more heat and cold tolerant so that means an extended blooming season.

Viola cornuta looks like a Pansy. They actually belong to the same family, but the viola is much more hardy than the pansy is. The petals are how you can distinguish pansies from viola cornuta. Voila cornuta numbers 2 petals facing upwards, and three facing downwards. 

Here are some photos of Violas and Poinsettas planted in Butler Plaza this week! They aren't in full bloom yet, but will be within a week or two. 

If you would like to see Violas planted in your Gainesville, Florida lawn - please contact our office by calling (352) 378-5296 or emailing