How does Moisture Manager help my Gainesville Lawn?

In North Florida, where drought stress in spring and summer creates problems in almost every Gainesville lawn, applying more water can't be the only solution. Especially with the Alachua county and city regulations prohibiting any watering outside of the 2 scheduled days per week to conserve our liquid resources. More and more homeowners are looking for solutions to keep enough water in the lawn to keep it healthy and green, while at the same time not wasting our natural resources.

With the added concern of drought stress making lawns more susceptible to chinch bug damage, it becomes a major concern of your lawn's health.

Moisture Manager is a blended application with formulated specifically to reduce watering needs on golf courses, landscape plantings, lawns, and are even used in agriculture.Moisture Manager is the cornerstone of a soil moisture management program whether you are maintaining existing turf and plants or ensuring the survival of new sod, seed, sprigs, bedding plants, shrubs, or trees.

By properly managing moisture levels in the soil you are helping to break the drought cycle in plants. In doing so, you and your plants benefit in a number of ways:

• Minimize Drought Stress
• Control or Eliminate Dry Spots
• Enhance Nutrient EfficiencyApplications
• Increase Transplant Survival
• Reduce Watering Expenses

If you're interested in adding Moisture Manager into your Gainesville, Florida Lawn Application Service, please contact our office by the contact form at the top, sending our team an email or phone at (352) 378-LAWN.