January's Gainesville Landscape Plant: Sasanqua Camellia

What makes this plant win the ‘Gainesville Landscape Plant of the Month’?

Without a doubt, when the Camelia is in bloom you cannot question it’s splendor. The Sasanqua, in comparison to it’s sister Japonica variety, has smaller leaves and grows more densely. It’s glossy leaves shine beautifully throughout the year in landscape beds. It also tends to withstand our Florida sun better, too. It’s blooms are what gives it the prize, though.


How big do they grow?

They can grow up to 15’ tall, depending on the variety planted. It is common in Gainesville landscapes to see them kept anywhere from 5 and 15’ tall. They typically grow about 4-6’ wide at the base.


Where in the landscape do they grow best?

Sasanqua Camellias can grow in full sun to partial shade but do best if kept in a little bit of afternoon shade. Unless we are planting a dwarf variety, we typically design them toward the back of the landscape bed due to their height.


What are their maintenance needs?

Camellias need more water as a direct correlation to how much sun they’re planted in. In the deep shade, many Camellias in our Gainesville landscaping can go without irrigation after they’re fully rooted in.


Do any Gainesville lawn pests attack them?

The most common lawn pests of camellia are scales. Scale insects feed on plants by piercing plant tissue and sucking the plant’s nutrients. Scales do not look like typical insects, because they are small, immobile, and have no visible legs. They can be treated with an eco-friendly insecticide in our ornamental pest program.


What seasons are they at their best?

Sasanquas bloom from mid-winter to early spring, depending upon the weather and variety of Sasanqua that you have planted in your Gainesville lawn. They look great throughout the year though, due to their glossy leaves and dense formal growth habit.