Landscape Plant of the Month: Pineapple Guava

Pineapple guava plants, also called feijoa plants, are large shrubs or shaped ornamental trees that add interest to Gainesville, Florida landscapes in more ways than one. Their visual appeal created by this plant's grey-green foliage and showy warm-season flowers make it a wonderful specimen plant in any landscape Design. Additionally, the pineapple guavas produce delicious and edible fruit with a flavor similar to a pineapple. With a dense habit and a height and spread of 8 to 15 feet, these landscape pest- and disease-resistant evergreens are suitable for several uses within your lawn. 

Pineapple guava was named a Florida Garden Select plant in 2009 by the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association. It can be grown anywhere in Florida and is even able to handle the salty soils near the coast and sandy soils in Alachua County.

The plants are versatile and easy to grow with an upright branching form, and can be pruned up into a tree-form by the right landscape professional. Fleshy white flower petals have showy red accents, contrasting nicely with the foliage, as you can see in the photo. The tasty fruit ripens in late fall.

The Master's landscaping installation team commonly uses them as a privacy hedge, specimen tree, or corner anchor plant for a bed. They are evergreen and look great year-round when properly irrigated, fertilized, and maintained. 

If this is a plant you would love to see in your Gainesville landscape design, call our office at (352) 378-5296 or fill out our online contact form at the top of the page so we can schedule a meeting to discuss how to add it into your garden design.